SITREP – Something New

My original plan was to spend the evening painting. But thanks to a friend visiting, that plan fell through.

Earlier in the day however, one of my other 3d printing friends started talking to me about some rules he’d been working on, designed for smaller scale figures. Of course from that, he pointed out where I can get hold of some figures for it…

Excuse the misprints, I put the landrovers too close to the edge of the build plate

Yeah, I think I might be taking a look at 6mm Ultramodern. This is mostly as a way of extending out the ChargeReal – being able to do larger scale battles than 28mm can do and potentially tying them together. There is also something really cool about a full platoon of tanks resting in your hand.

I’m also interested to see how far I can go in a scale mostly using the 3d printer. There are plenty of examples of vehicles and terrain you can find online and I think I can easily make a few forces. First up, continuing on the story in the last game, we might be looking at a Bazi Empire vs Rettung clash – T62s vs Leopard 2s clashing in the desert.

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