SITREP – Something New Pt3

Final day of doing testing for 6mm stuff. Today’s test was looking at more of the Guaro3d models to see how well they print in 1:285 vs their original scale of 1:64. For this I pulled out the Bushmaster (for testing wheeled vehicles), the German Puma IFV (which will be used alongside the Leopard 2s for Rettung) and then in the centre, the Turkish Atlay MBT which I’ve mentioned in the past for use in the Bazi Empire.

As you can see from the end result, there are maybe some tweaks I should do with things like gun barrels, over sizing them slightly for 6mm. I also think I printed these at slightly below the scale I did for the bergman vehicles as they look a little smaller. Some more experimentation might be needed.

Overall, this little foray into 6mm has been mostly successful and I intend to read up some rules (when I’m not working this weekend) and look at getting some figures on the board.

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