SITREP – ??? Pt 1

This is maybe a little bit of a spoiler for upcoming adventures, so I’m going to hide the details behind the Read More. Otherwise, just know I did some hobby!

I’m painting up the big bad of the current campaign, the creature that is just waiting to be unleashed, the terror that (fingers crossed) will actually become the architect of many of the bad things the Swordmasters will encounter. As befitting a godling of death, I printed out a model of Hades from Raging Heroes – he has just the right combination of magical power and smirking overconfidence that fits the character I have written.

Safe to say, he is the biggest model I’ve painted so far (and yes, I do keep sweating when I look at the Keeper of Secrets that is waiting for me). There is also a lot of flesh to paint, as well as a mixing of cloth, hair and magical energy from skulls to deal with. It is varied and interesting and it will hopefully be a stunner once it’s on the table.

So far:

  • Black Primer Undercoat
  • Skin – Going for a pale, almost grey flesh colour but with a slight warmth to it. Started off with a Rakarth Flesh colour. And then realised how much skin this model has.
  • Robes – Dark and deep shadow, like the character appears from darkness and stp back into it. Inclubi Darkness is the base layer, and I’ll work up from there.
  • Hair – Dark grey, almost black. The first layer I’ve put down is Eshin Grey.
  • So far the scheme is pretty dark – a lot of the colour and shine will come from the metal and gold details.
  • As a rule in my fantasy setting, glowing green is a sign of magic. The skulls will be painted partially with Hexwraith technical paint – ideally I want the looks of the character having picked up some regular skulls and is bringing them to life with his powers..

That’s the progress so far. Tomorrow is game day, but painting will continue later.

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