SITREP – Investigations and Gaming

Well it’s happened. The Big Reveal of the shadow evil form of the Empress’s Hound’s Big Bad Guy occured. I guess I have two weeks to get the game piece size painted up. Seeing as I need him to be doing much more than just standing around being menacing.

TBM, Combat Octopus GER at 100%, Combat Octopus GER, Russian Recon and Russian Infantry at 110% and Spectre Insurgent PMC

In other news, we got to talking about scale about 3d printing some of the new figures and how Combat Octopus is slightly under scale compared to Spectre and Turnbase Miniatures. Inspired by this talk, I decided to try out printing them at 110%. Unfortunately for me, I think the rescale looks pretty damn good. So I think I may expand my force out using this slightly larger size.

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