SITREP – Hive Scum!

The Necromunda campaign that I assembled my Enforcers for is finally starting (only a year and bit later than planned) and so I have begun preparing for my first game next week.

However, the other part of the campaign is a competition to build up a pile of Hive Scum. I’ve decided to dive into the pile of Anvil Industries 3D printed parts and pulled out some ideal parts for the inhabitants of giant space station. My rough idea is a group of vigilantes “inspired” by the lawlessness of the station and deciding to take matters into their own hands. I’m still printing off the parts, but it should be a fun little set. They are mostly from latest October releases (the longcoats and tricorne hats being distinctive) with some other weapon parts from the Space Western, D-Day and 2nd Trench Fighters packs.

This project is definitely one of those where I realise the benefit of staying on the Anvil Industries patreon. It’s less for a specific project on each month and more having the collection of parts to play around with.

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