SITREP – Buildings (and Tiny Buildings)

So there I was, planning to paint up my Hive Scum when I suddenly realised I needed to get a board together for my Necromunda game on Wednesday. Previous, we’d played on a regular skirmish board which was fun but this time I’m tempted to try something a little closer to the tunnel scraps that Necromunda is designed for in some ways. I don’t have an industrial set, but I do have a load of these adobe compounds from Sarissia. By assembling the rest of them, I think I have a big enough board for a scrap. Will finish the rest off tomorrow and see how many extra spacer tiles I need.

I’m actually thinking of trying to get them painted up this month. I think I have enough rattle cans. it will just need some little additions to add to the street scene and ready for some street clearing.

However, that wasn’t the only buildings I was playing around with today. I also took a look at some of Lazy Forger’s Medina buildings that I’ve mentioned previous. Really impressed with the models, they printed nicely out the box (although I’m seeing some issues on vertical surfaces down to my print setup that I need to investigate). Once I have a few of these together, I think I’ll have all the bits needed to get some 6mm on the table.

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