SITREP – The Final Few Buildings

Spent tonight preparing for tomorrow’s Necromunda game (partially – was filled with the urge to play Escape from Tarkov for some reason) but also building a few more Adobe buildings that will be the board. Yes technically not the underhive but still fits the close quarters idea.

The four on the right are the new ones. The pile in the centre are the others. And I have two more to assemble. Can’t ever say I do things by halves.

This has illuminated how much of this range I have, and I think it’s time to actually start getting it painted up and play with it. Plan this time will be chinchilla dust and a few extra details (mostly for the modern look) before spraying black for undercoat, zandari dust for base coat before applying the dry brush and detail. Should be fun, and I have a 3d printer waiting to provide all the extra touches

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