SITREP – ??? Pt 2

So okay, getting back on the path to prepare for the final game in the current campaign of Open Combat on Wednesday. This means I need to finish painting the big bad. More details below the cut.

Oh also I wrote up last week’s Necromunda report. Really good fun, we’ll see how the campaign goes!

Okay, so I’ve finished off the base colours for this guy. Next step comes tomorrow – the plan is to make him look like an ancient god. Golden decoration on the metal work, green magic technical paint over the skulls to match the colours I use as the short hand for “magic”. The biggest thing is going to be getting the hair and skin colour right. For the first time I’m not simply going for base colour -> wash -> drybrush, I’ll instead go for multiple steps. I’m a little terrified to be doing a model of this size and complexity of surfaces but still excited to see how it ends up.

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