SITREP – New WIPs and New Rules

With another callout post in the campaign chat, it looks like the Delaque boys and my Enforcers are going to have a fight on Saturday. This time however, I’m going to be ready for them. Started work on my Regulators (a set of hired guns that are basically armed locals ready to be contracted out). I’m going with the old west/industrial look to them, leather dusters and wooden guns (except for Welder man). I’m starting all of them with the same base colour for the coats, but will then add other layers over the top, aiming that they look different but still part of the same group.

Once these guys are done, I also have the loot tokens and passers by to paint up so looks like a busy evening tomorrow!

As an aside, some brand new things! Black Powder Red Earth has released the PDF version of their new skirmish game. The physical version of the game is coming soon in a few weeks but after seeing some of the rumoured price details, I’m maybe not rushing to spend the money. However, after reading the PDF it is definitely an interesting game I’ll be taking a look at. I’m aiming to do a proper article on it in November, once I’ve got a few games of it in.

In the mean time though, my first impression is that this is less of a toolbox wargame and a lot more focused on a specific style of mission. That said, I don’t think it will be lacking – there is a great campaign system (although single missions are available) as well as plenty of cards to make each encounter play out a little differently.

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