SITREP – Heavy Metal and a Fresh Coat of Paint

And there we are – after a total of 35 hours of printing I have a completed Atlay Tank. The massive time was due to a print error on my first print, a chunk missing from one side of the turret that could be possibly fixed with putty. Now I have it in hand, I’ll freely admit I’ve been playing with it for most of the day, making crunchy tank noises and trying to decide just what the Royal Bazi Army troops that are escorting it will actually look like.

I’ve still got some clean up to do on it. One thing is making sure the turret spins freely – I’d like to avoid shredding the paint while trying to carefully pose the main gun to look menacing. I’m debating cleaning up the lines on the edge of the hull plate – it looks like some kind of modified armour.

You might have noticed the blog looking a little bit different. Well, it’s been a good ride but I decided it’s time to change the theme. Maybe it was the fact that content was in a tiny horizontal on my big wide screen. Maybe it was looking at all the cool options on various themes on the wordpress store. Maybe I just fancied a little change, breathe a little bit of life back into the old girl. Either way, it’s still WIP so it might change a touch before we’re full back online.

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