SITREP – Whole lot of Necromunda and a Little Tank

Oh boy, that was a lot of Necromunda.

Two of my friends from University, along with the Regular Necromunda Opponent and his sneaky boys, decided to spend roughly 24 hours in my house to get in three games of Games Workshop’s Underhive skirmish game as part of our current campaign. It was a really fun set of games and definitely a learning experience – this was my first time not playing the Delaque, as well as my first time using the Zone Mortalis tiles. Between a multi-player bar brawl, a brutal Enforcer vs Enforcer fight and the final battle. Overall, we had a great time and I’m already planning a trip up north to play against a few of the gangs.

At this stage in the campaign I’m doing reasonably well. Three rackets in the bag (that I keep forgetting to use), 13 total guys on the gang list and 12 rep. We’re just about to enter into phase 3, so I’m expecting this is where all the knives come out.

Something else I’ve been working on is testing out more of the Guaro3d vehicles I’ve picked up. One of my upcoming games is going to feature the Emirate of Bazistan doing some Counter-Insurgency operations, and so they need some additional light vehicles. The Scorpion/Scimitar should be a fun addition to this, bringing a fair amount of extra firepower but without being untouchable by the infantry. It’s also suitable for a less developed nation being an older design. I’m actually kind of tempted to look into it a little bit, perhaps mounting some more advanced locally developed tech (seeing as the Emirate is inspired by the Iranian method of keeping old vehicles in operation.)

My prints from Guaro3d were pretty successful. The main issue are to do with the side skirts on the chassis. I have a few ideas about how to fix it but next time I’ll definitely be adding a few more supports.

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