One thing I learned from my weekend of Necromunda I just how good a little bit of firepower can be. Since doing rather well in the first game’s trading post visit (hitting a rarity of 13), I’ve had a heavy bolter and suspensor waiting to be used. Of course, there is a problem – the Enforcers kit does not have a heavy bolter in it.

However, this is Necromunda – conversion is to be expected. Being the idiot I am, I had built all my Subjugators. So a quick trip to eBay snagged me a Subjugator frame and a heavy bolter from the plastic scout sprue. Tonight, during my usual Monday night hang out and paint session, I actually put the bits together and assembled the basics for this trooper.

They are still missing a few pieces (like their head) but I’m planning to make this figure be a real heavy bruiser, looking like the absolute unit you’d want them to be. And then I have to remember the paint scheme I used previously!

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