SITREP – Emirate of Bazistan Infantry Forces

Taking advantage of Combat Octopus’s latest releases, I’ve started assembling my Bazi Emirati forces. My pitch for these guys (and Bazi Empire as a whole) is that they are a Middle Eastern force that isn’t just Russian Forces but more ragged. For this reason, the new Indian Army guys actually work out very nicely – the Insas is strangely late 20th Century looking rifle (stock, short mag etc) while the clothing is the right level of quality I was wanting (the kevlar helmet + solid body armour).

I still need to do some cleanup on these guys (a few support studs to file down) plus assembling a few more. I’m also going to do some modding; Currently these guys don’t have any heavy weapons (apart from the SIG 716i DMR) but with some model merging, I should be able to give them some of the weapons from previous months. So perhaps a PKM is on the books. Fingers crossed, they will be all ready at the end of the month when they go up against local insurgents.

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