SITREP – HEADS… And More Enforcer Work

Over the past few months of Anvil Patreon subscribing, I have a collection of Anvil parts that are just begging to be used. The problem comes with when I’m kit bashing, I usually don’t want to wait for the printing to finish as it interrupts my inspiration. Luckily, I have a solution!

Print off a shit load of heads all in one go and put them in my bits box. Which I’ve done! Along with some test heads from Turnbase Minis which I rescaled to the same size as Anvil.

I used one of those heads on my heavy bolter enforcer. Mostly because such a figure deserves to offer praise to our lord Tachanka, but also because I want to make this guy look heavily armoured – he’s going to have a lot of fire coming his way so I may splash out on the upgrade to the Layered Flak he is currently wearing. I also added the required stub pistol, once again going for a chest mount, ideal for when you need to pull it out suddenly.

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