SITREP – Right Tool for the Job

Over the weekend, I took a look at my tank turrets and realised that I had to do something to make them spin more freely in the turret slot. Ignoring the sensible advice to reprint them 1% less in future, I realised that maybe I should be using the dremel I got for chopping plastic model kits apart. Attaching the pen accessory, I did a little sanding down while wearing my usual facemask before looking at the dust all over myself (and on my the cutting surface and the model) and realised that cloth was not really suitable for this.

A few days later (and with a goggle/n95 mask set now on my face) I got to work on the Scorpion and the Atlay. As well as smoothing down a damaged front mud guard, I finally got the turrets to spin freely and without squeaking. Overall, mission accomplished!

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