New Scenario Release

Remember the battle report for a scenario called Training Day? It’s one of my favourite games to write and play. Well, I’ve updated the mission, added it to the ChargeReal and created a version for Spectre Operations. Even better, I have released it for free on my Patreon – 30+ pages of background information, faction details and more. It even has some modifications that you can add if you wish to change it up slightly, especially if you want to let the Fates take the wheel in terms of the changes.

This file is effectively a test to see what people really like in my scenarios – as releases go on, I’ll aim to improve them, adding artwork and maps and more. Because of this, this scenario is going to be given away for free. Future scenarios (which will be released alongside my battle reports) will be for Patrons first and maybe wider release later.

If you want to take a look, more details on my Patreon at

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