SITREP – Unleash GROM Pt.2

There he is – GROM is finished. Well mostly finished – I still need to paint up his base in some rust colours and add some final highlights but I’d be happy enough to put this guy on the board. I’m very excited about getting this guy on the board – the figure came out exactly as I planned, will fight my force AND be a terror on the tabletop. His Thunder will be much needed this weekend.

This week, I’ve also decided to get rid of my Space Marines. I had planned to build a small force, but as time has gone on (and Warcry figures have invaded my life) I’ve realised I don’t really want to get into main 40k. Necromunda fills the gap for my sci-combat desires and of all the forces, Marines would not be the ones I’d go for (that falls to Drucharii). Time to prepare these for sale.

On the other hand, this has opened up some possibilities for Necromunda forces. I have two 40k figures that would be ideal to include in my Necromunda force, all they needed was a quick tweak to the bases. The downed imperial pilot was already painted up as a medical professional (or so he says) but would be ideal as my rogue doc (just in case someone tries to attack my home base).

Cypher is maybe a less ideal – after all, he is a Space Marine. But, due to the changing in scales of various games, he is actually a similar size to my Subjugators in Hardened Flak Armour. Being the lunatic I am, I decided to through a profile together and OH BOY. Sure, he’s not going to be the fastest boy on the board but with a bolt pistol in one hand, plasma pistol in the other (a laspistol hidden away because I don’t trust those other ammo rolls) and a layered flak armour/armoured undersuit combo for some 4+ armour saves. Skill wise, I picked Gunfighter (so I can dive through the air with one in each hand) and rolled up Unstoppable to give him a bit of staying power. Overall, this could be a fun alternative to my current main bounty hunter, so he might get a little run around this weekend.

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