SITREP – Operation Jann Strike Prep Pt.1

My next wargaming scenario is being run on Sunday afternoon – two lots of regulars from different nations moving into an insurgent held area to remove the threat. I’ve actually worked out the scenario now, including the objectives and traps I’m going to throw in my way. And now, I just have to get everything ready.

Looking at my plans, I have a few tasks left over:

  • Print and paint the Royal Bazi Infantry section.
  • Paint the Scorpion tank for the Bazi Emirate troops
  • Base and paint the three hell cannons that are objectives.

The secret fourth idea was to paint up the adobe terrain. However due to the time and cold weather, that’s going to have to wait for the new year. The rest seems like a lot but luckily I have a few days holiday and

Stage 1 – do all the printing. The troops are the CO Indian Army troops while the Hell Cannons are from TT Immersion on Gumroad (a fellow Spectre discord user. I’m pretty happy with the models, although I bounced back some comments about maybe adding some guiding elements to the wheels of the cannons to make them easier to place. I’ll also need to do some scenery work, adding debris to weigh them down and then basing both them and the rounds up ready to be placed.

Somehow along the way, I seem to have used different scaling for each set of figures. My latest prints are fractionally larger than the old ones – probably not large enough to cause an issue but I’ll know deep down. I’m guessing I applied a scale across the plate, not realising I’d already rescaled a big chunk of them.

Tomorrow is painting day. For the Royal Bazi guys, I’m thinking of doing something MARPAT inspired but with a few extra colours, just to make them different to the various SF teams. Still debating on it, looking through the various MARPAT rip-offs people do for ideas.

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