SITREP – Operation Jann Strike Prep Pt.2

Okay, not as much progress as I should have done because of work shenanigans but I did assembled the hell cannons onto bases and get all my infantry undercoated.

As you can see, I’ve split them into four bases. For the ammo, I was going to pile them on a sheet but realised that would be a little too flat. A hesco gives it a bit of vertical detail, making it standout a touch more. I still need to add the sand to the top. For the cannon’s I added a few chunks of green stuff to represent sandbags or the like, enough weight to hold the frame in place. Another pair were placed at the front to brace the wheels.

Tomorrow will be a painting day (once I return from helping out one of my regular opponents move house), I’m aiming to get the base colours on my troops. I’ve actually heard that my opponent may not be able to attend on Sunday due to some family reasons but don’t see any reasons to slacken off – worst case, it goes on the shelf and I run it in December.

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