SITREP – Operation Jann Strike Prep Pt.3 – A Pause

Time for a slight change of plan – I’m sadly not running this game this weekend. Due to a few factors, I haven’t had time to get things together for the game (or even write up the scenario) so I asked my friend if we could put a raincheck on it. Hopefully we’ll run it in December (possibly over the Christmas break).

That’s the bad news. The good news is the extra time and effort means I should be able to get the terrain all painted up for this game. It’s finally time to get the adobes painted up, ideal for creating some compounds for a clearing action. There is a little bit of work to do on them but I’m confident that with a few little details will make these pop for some ultramodern close quarters battles.

The only thing I really need to get working is assembling some form of gateway for the gaps you see in the compound walls. My current plan is disguising them with corrugated pieces (thanks 3d printer) but going to spend some time on the weekend planning out my work.

Expect a post on the weekend once I sit down and decide what’s going to be done!

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