SITREP – And now for something, Completely Different

I just wanted to shout out to everyone reading along with these posts (I’m seeing the pleasing bump in my stats) – I’m having a really fun time writing semi-regular updates and it’s much more fun than throwing together a tweet. One little change to them going forward, I’m going to be setting them to post at 11am on the following day rather than rushing to finish them after a full evening hobbying. That way, it should appear for people to glance through either at lunch or first thing in the morning for the guys in the US.

Also while I’m doing the house keeping, you may have noticed I’ve finally worked out a colour palette to the site. Apologies for all those using OLEDs that I was burning out with a full page of white, the new scheme should be a little easier to read. If you spot any issues, just comment and I’ll take a look!

After taking the pause on the game planning I decided to do a few fun and different things. As well as writing up some more of my BPRE thoughts, I also got to crack open some plastic kits that I’d been eagerly awaiting. This was made even better by the fact that the weather outside was crisp and cold – perfect weather for building model kits.

Yep, you all knew I was going to get her. I’m a really big fan of the Chaos Warriors from Games Workshop (as you can see) and have built a pretty good selection of them ready for skirmish games. So when Games Workshop announced Holga earlier this year, I definitely pulled an unhappy face at the news she was to be event only.

Which set me up perfectly to be a mark when GW announced she was coming to the online store as made to order. She’s definitely on the expensive side but it’s such a glorious pose.

However, I was not going to simply paint her up. My chaos warriors are a lot more “highly skilled north warriors” and less “corrupt followers of the Dark Gods”. So the horns had to go. Originally I was tempted to merely trim them down (in the same way my converted chaos lord has) but eventually realise she would look pretty great with both of them removed. After some clipping, knife work and filling, I’d cleaned up the large horn to reveal a shaved side of the head and reduced the size of the broken horn. This was then covered up with a quick piece of green stuff. My greenstuff skills are only so-so but I’m relatively happy with how it will look. I think my Monday night paint session will be getting her done in the same style as the rest of my force… and then she might turn up in December in a game.

The Changeling is one of my favourite models GW has ever done. If you ignore the fact he looks like Orko from Master of the Universe in some kind of gritty cinematic remake from the mid-2000s, he’s a great example of what a chaos demon can be if you don’t just build the default troop types. Asymmetric arm arrangement, the curling flames and the lack of a face – as someone who adores writing tricky bastards into his stories and campaigns, this is going to be a glorious character to drop in, probably as a final reveal. On the other hand, I did have a horrible glue leak while trying to assemble the swirling robes, to the point where I melted some of the features of the clothing. Luckily, a little bit of IPA (Iso-propyl Alcohol, not the other kind) got rid of the worst of it.

And here they are with the black undercoat and ready to paint. One reason why I’m not sure 3D Printing will kill GW’s business is that actually assembling these models was a lot of fun. GW knows how to design some glorious models, and then break them into a way that is (for the most part) fun to build. I still have quite a few boxes in the pile to work on and it’s nice to have some around for days when I just feel like doing a little bit of assembly.

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