SITREP – Big Fantasy Warriors Time

Aside from finishing off massive impression pieces, hobby time has mostly been focused on Fantasy figures. Mostly Games Workshop’s Chaos range.

I am well on the way with the limited edition Chaos Warrior that turned up on the weekend (and then I immediately modified). Took me a little bit to remember how I painted the first set of Chaos Warriors (keep notes on painting people) but I still love the moment when black contrast goes onto the leadbelcher paint and that armour tone appears. There is still a fair amount left to do (including a ton of detail work on the face) but even at this stage I’m really happy with the look. I’m also excited to see the contrast between the hair and dark skin once I’m done.

I spent my Wednesday evening watching Dune with The Sister (yep, that film is still amazing). Alongside that, I broke out the reccently arrived Red Harvest box and got to assembling. As cool as the spider bros are, I was mostly interested in the Darkoath Savagers to go with my current Barbarian force (that I still need to properly write about) – I just really like that style for my fantasy setting, the clash of half-naked brutes in warpaint vs plate armour. The new Darkoath Savagers are this to a T – I haven’t yet got to some of the more dodgy figures that some people spotted in the preview but assembling the eyeless witch, the Barbarian from Heroquest and the gang leader is pretty great.

I also used Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and Hot Damn, I am putting my Contacta Professional in the bin. Well not actually, I’ll use it with a different applicator, but not having to unblock the nozzle every time and the fact it just works are definite plus. Additionally

Speaking of Red Harvest, I’m also really excited with the terrain in the box. It’s some fantasy styling mining, all wooden board and channels. I’m going to do at pass at some point through all my terrain to de-Warhammer-ify it (as much as I can) so it can be used for a whole host of fantasy shenanigans. The mine especially would be ideal for the first mission of a campaign JUST before you venture into the caverns beneath.

However, I must now take a pause so I can do the monthly update. The Project update will appear on this blog but if you want a sneak peek of what else I’m working on, why not take a look at my Patreon where the planning post will be going up tonight.

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