November 2021 Project Update

Remember when I said October was busy? November was even busier. Between family stuff, Necromunda campaign wrapping up and starting a Patreon, my actual painting time was pretty limited. But at the same time the “hobby” time was pretty productive, with a fair number of blog posts and scenarios produced.

Project 365

Lets take a look at the details. But as you can see, the numbers are not that impressive…

Painted: 1

Subjugator w/ Heavy BolterGames Workshop1

Purchased: 60

Bazi Emirati Army Infantry (3D Printed Indian Army)Combat Octopus7
Subjugator (Converted with Heavy Bolter)Games Workshop1
Warcry: Red Harvest – DarkoathGames Workshop10
Warcry: Red Harvest – Tarantulos BroodGames Workshop13
Warcry: Red Harvest TerrainGames Workshop28
Holga Clovenhorn (Converted)Games Workshop1

Yep, the painting number don’t lie. I painted one model to completion last month. True, he was a very good model but only one model. Also picking up the Warcry Red Harvest box in the same month does really make it look incredibly out of balance. I also think it’s very unlikely I’ll hit the 365 models painted in a year “goal” I set myself at the start of January. On the other hand, I have gone from 39% of collection painted up to 45% which I am pretty happy about!

Project Necromunda

So yeah, the one model I painted this month was the final addition to my Necromunda gang, Grom. Ever since I bought the gun at the start of the campaign, I was already planning on how I’d fit it to a model. The Scout heavy bolter was the right sort of pose and so, after picking up a new Subjugator sprue and a few “Scout with Heavy Bolter” bits he was good to go. I also got to use a rescaled Turnbase Miniatures head which fits perfectly.

And there was a final weekend of games! I got to have a really good set of games against a few final gangs (including some I hadn’t played before). We also got to play on our Campaign Arbitrator’s cool 3d terrain table, complete with all the shenanigans you’d expect – there was a lot of people falling from high places and getting hurt. I’m in the midst of preparing a wrap up post but also waiting for the final scores to be tallied up. I had a really good time with it all, and I’m excited at the possibility of a future campaign playing a different gang.

Project Moderns

I finally did my Impressions piece on the Covert/Overt range from Spectre. It took me far longer than I expected to do and it was entirely down to me just putting word to blog. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of the concept but there are some really good miniatures in this set.

I also wrote up my impressions on the BPRE:28mm game. I really happy to say that the post did absolute gangbusters, coming very close to being one of my best opening 24 hours. It’s a great game and I’m looking forward to getting some more games of it in. I’m already considering tweaks to add other forces and convert it to the ChargeReal setting.

Hobby-wise, I’m slowly working on getting figures together for the next game I’m running. The Spectre Heavy Criminals will be a special forces team assisting the group of Regulars, bringing some special gear. The Combat Octopus Indian Army guys are going to be the Royal Bazi Army Infantry, giving me a force that is a little more modern than the classic AK armed figures I’ll use for the Emirati troops. Both of these are still enroute to being finished but luckily it’s lots of camo schemes I’m used to.

Project Fantasy

This was a month off actually playing fantasy but it didn’t stop me picking a few things up. Red Harvest, the latest Warcry box, was something I’ve already mentioned in last month’s update and, when I saw that Leodis had it for a significant discount and with a points based money off, I realised it made sense to grab it quickly. This is a large box full of plastic kit to build and I’m really excited for getting the terrain on the board.

You’ve already seen her in her own article but I also picked up the latest Chaos Warrior release that was on special order. Not the biggest fan of GW leaning into the Fear of Missing Out but she is a really fun model to convert and then paint up. I’m also really happy at just how well my tweaks turned out and can’t wait to get her on a board.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

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