SITREP – Game Prep

Oh boy.

So as with every game planning, I left it far latter than I should have done. But, I should be able to get it all done. Because I’m a mad man who likes writing his own worlds, I decided that this game will be the first game out using my Chaos Warriors. Looking through the rules for Rangers of Shadowdeep, I found a fan scenario in the Star of Alladore that has you fighting a whole bunch of traitors. With a few tweaks, the Rangers are now Swordmasters, the traitors are all Northern Knights and the Baron is a Northern Champion. I’m really excited to see how it goes!

The game required a few pieces of terrain, and so I started grabbing them. The beacon the Rangers Swordmasters are defending is from the Age of Sigmar objectives pack, while the barricades are all from Highland Miniatures. They come from either the Medieval Archers pack or the more recent musketeers. I ended up printing them both twice (thanks 3d printer!) – however, I should have flipped some of them to increase the differences and stop them repeating. Painting wise, they should be pretty damn quick.

In terms of Swordmasters, I’ve grabbed a whole bunch of my painted fantasy figures and rolled up stats with them. I still need to choose names for them, but the tfact these guys are mostly melee and they are fighting knights, it’s going to be a horrible bloodbath. Just what I want!

Plan for today (i.e. what I’m doing when this goes up) is frantically painting up the barricades and getting ready to play. I’ve read through the rules a few times, excited to give it a go!

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