SITREP – The Prince’s Private Army Pt.1

It’s taken me a little time (I was distracted by all sorts of fantasy things) but I’ve finally finished off the first three Criminal Element Heavies from Spectre. As mentioned previously, these guys are going to be used as another Special Forces team in the Bazi Empire. While the Insurgent PMC I’ve done previously look like a properly military unit, the ballistic masks and tricked out guns are definitely something a touch more “personal”. For this reason, I’m going down the route that these guys are the private army of one of the many Bazi princes, an elite unit inside the Emirate that operates adjacent to the Emirate’s command structure, much to the chagrin of the government. As well as providing their Prince protection, they will also be willing to do any other tasks assigned to them – including the removal of political rivals and opponents or the crushing of any sign of popular revolt. With Bazistan’s wealth in resources, the Princes can easily drop the money on well trained mercenaries (or high levels of training for their loyal followers) and the latest in high tech gear. Or of course, they can also go get the most gucci stuff that they saw in an action movie.

I’m also starting to play around with actually editing the photos I put up here. Previously I’ve just hammered out the photos to get the damn thing uploaded. However, I always feel like the photos are the point of a lot of my posts and so I feel like I need to do a little bit of a job. Luckily, I’m more than happy to work to add to my skillset when it comes to running the blog. You might see them looking a touch odd as I work my way through the process but I’m already really happy with my early attempts.

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