SITREP – Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas! Remember how last week I posted up some new stuff and said the cursed words “I’ll finish the rest tomorrow”?

Yeah no dice – in my first week of time off I managed to fall out of a sleep pattern, have a nasty reaction to the COVID Booster jab (sweats, shivers and aching joints) AND pick up a horrible head cold from my family. So all those hobby plans I had went out the window and instead I spent the week either asleep or stumbling around trying to do anything while feeling exhausted. Luckily I’m pushing through the other side now!

But in brighter news, I had a good Christmas day, getting to see family all together (unlike last year). My parents, grandparents and other relatives put money together to let me get a Elegoo Saturn to expand my 3d printing possibilities. As I write this update, I’m currently printing out some chapel walls from Vae Victis that I would never be able to print on my Mars Pro.

I’ve also taken some of my bonus money and spent it on upgrading some of my hobby kit. I’ve had my airbrush for a little while but was using it off compressed air cans (not the best if you’re wanting reliable performance). Picking up a compressor should make the brush easier to use and less problematic – with the possible vehicle printing I can do with the Saturn, having an airbrush is much more efficient than buying rattle cans.

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