SITREP – Big Printings Pt.1

New tech, time to show off just what it can do. As mentioned before, I’m taking a look at the Vae Victis church walls they included in the Advent Calendar this year. These files are way too big to print on the Mars Pro, but easily fit on the much larger print bed of the newly arrived Saturn. They do however present a slightly different challenge to the workflow I have on the Mars – the build plate does not fit my Mercury Plus, so instead I had to clean them separately (after leaving them for a while for the excess resin to drip off). Luckily the Mercury Plus comes with a useful cage to place larger items in.

And here we are after printing, cleaning and curing – two wall pieces next to a figure from the Games Workshop Cursed City box for scale. I’m really happy with how these two have come out. Nice crisp details on the brick work, no curling at the base edges. Additionally, nice and cheap – these pieces worked out at like £3 each. I still need to do a touch of work before painting – I added some supports to the arches and the additional raft they added needs trimming away.

Print 2 however was less successful. As you can see, suction pulled one of the walls apart while at a similar time it failed to add additional layers to the other. Although not great, both can be easily fixed – current thoughts are to fill the gap with putt and make it look like damaged stonework while on the other rounding to the top off to make it appear weathered and worn. Finish it off with some foliage and that’s two extra wall pieces. I’ve also resliced the file which might have been a touch suspect (the time taken to print is now two hours less).

Next is printing the giant door way and starting on the scattered pieces of broken flooring used to fill the interior. I think I’m going to base up the sections to make them look scenic but doing it in a modular way to allow me to scale up from tiny ruined chapel to large ruined church, as well as making them easy to store. Having spent the day wandering around Kirkstall Abbey, I’m getting ideas.

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