SITREP – The Prince’s Private Army Pt.2

The second half of the latest set of Bazi SF is done. These were the last three models I painted in 2021 (with the final wash being done moments before the clock struck midnight). I really enjoyed painting thse guys and I’ve very happy with how they have turned out. Expect a full post on them soon, as well as some more details on the lore behind these guys (as well as a scenario I’m pushing out to Patrons in January using them).

The photo above is also the first one using my new camera! Although the Pixel 6 is a fantastic camera (and as always the best camera is the one you have with you), I picked up a compact digital camera with the idea of being able to use it for video recording (maybe for games) and to get some properly good pictures – going full DSLR seemed to be a bit much of an investment at the moment when I don’t really need all the features. I’m already super happy with it – even just having a macro lens is a good start.

Also hey! Welcome to 2022! I’m slowly preparing my end of year post (it’s a lot of reports to generate and get together to make graphs out of) and today is really about getting models ready for tomorrow’s Big CoC experience up north. I’ve got a few tanks to paint up as well as a few Infantry models I’d missed.

Basically I’m finishing this post and going into full painting mode!

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