SITREP – Big Printings Pt.2

And there we are – all 5 walls from the Vae Victis advent calendar printed. I still have the damaged wall to repair but I’m very happy with how these giant pieces of resin have turned out. There will be a little bit of clean up before undercoating (mostly clipping off the chunks of raft I had to add for the arches) but once they are done it will be airbrush time!

Speaking of big prints, I had to run another experiment with going wide rather than tall. I managed to pack the build plate with as many bits of Combat Octopus pieces (from the JSDF Special Forces, KSK and Russian Recon releases). There was some concerns about overloading the plate causing suction problems but it ended up working out pretty great – only a few of the boonie heads had some issues with supports snapping. This is promising as it means I can get to printing a platoons worth of dudes without having to run it through the Mars over and over.

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