Al-Bawaaba Foot Patrol Generator v0.1

So as you might guess, I didn’t play my wargame on Sunday. Instead, I found myself writing this – a system for generating patrols in the back country of Al-Bawaaba, a province of the Albion Commonwealth that previously features in the mission “Training Day” .

Basically, with a few dice rolls you can setup a foot patrol for your section, roll up any objectives and see what you’re up against. You still need to roll up the stats for each of the forces (something I’ll setup automatically later) but everything else should be there and able to change every time.

It’s still WIP – the next version will finish off the map generation table. And then from there, it will be expanded out with other features listed at the top.

I’m looking forward to seeing if people enjoy it but will mostly just enjoying it myself – already rolled up a future game I’ll be playing so expect it soon.

If you want to give it a look, you can find it on my wiki at

Thanks to my patrons for this – having the little tip jar coming in is a great motivator to release all the cool little ideas I have. If you want to join them, take a look at

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