Fantasy – Musongo The Wanderer

As any fan of the blog can see, I am a fan of the Chaos Warriors from Games Workshop. I've painted the Underworlds group, I've painted both the old and new warriors. I even have a set of cavalry to paint up, although the sight of horses is perhaps slightly concerning. So, you might have guessed that when Games Workshop showed off a rather cool looking Chaos Warrior earlier this year and then announced she was event only, I may have been a touch annoyed. Cut to a few months later and guess who reappeared on the Games Workshop site? Announced for a Made to Order promotion, and available for only one week, it was my time to bite the bullet and order something from the GW store rather than my local Leodis Games. It happened to fall over my Necromunda weekend, leading to me waking up on my friend's sofa to see the pre-order up for £21. A little more than you may want to pay but I bit my tongue and bought her, in a large part just because I love the sculpt.

Impressions: Black Powder Red Earth 28mm

Oh boy. It's been a long time since I've looked at rulesets, even longer since I've written my impressions on them. So why not kick it off with something that has been eagerly awaited? For a long time, there has been a lot of discussion about a tabletop game from Black Powder Red Earth. Keen … Continue reading Impressions: Black Powder Red Earth 28mm

Impressions: Spectre’s Covert/Overt Figures

IT HAS BEEN 10,000 YEARS! Okay well actually more like four since I first heard (over several glasses of beer in the Fox at the Excel) someone saying the magic words for the first time. "What if there were figures that came as both covert and overt versions so you can toggle between them during … Continue reading Impressions: Spectre’s Covert/Overt Figures

Longshore Lockdown – Game 1 “The Caravan Heist”

For more details on just what's going on I recommend reading my intro post where I explain the basics The armoured truck rumbled through the slums surrounding the Whisper Broker's compound, each of the ramshackle shacks assembled from the detritus that forms in a busy shipping port, bonded together and covered in a strange sandy … Continue reading Longshore Lockdown – Game 1 “The Caravan Heist”