Fantasy – The Disciples (Chaos Warriors)

I've written about my first lot of Chaos Warriors (the Underworlds Warband) in a previous post. For me, that group was always going to be the introduction into painting a full force of the heavily armoured icons for skirmish games. That first post includes my screed on why the Chaos Warriors are so awesome and so I'll not reprint it here. The main focus in this post is talking about the models I finished off, which can split into two groups, the New and the Old. Soon after picking up the Underworlds Warband, I started looking for how to expand. There are two sets of Chaos Warriors available. The main box is the classic plastic set, with models that have been in circulation long enough for them to still be the primary way of getting your hands on the heavily armoured fridges. I'll detail more on them later.

Fantasy – Rhazgra the Seneschal and Retinue

Yep, it happens to the best of us. Eventually anyone playing Sci-fi or Fantasy finds themselves looking at Chaos Warriors and reflecting on just how cool they look. They combine the glorious appeal of knights in armour but with that dark fantasy baroque look that means they just drip with character. They are the warriors that burn down the hero's village as child, thus setting off the story. They are the Dark Figures that chase your heroes across the plains, slaying anyone in their way. And right at the end, they are the army you fight through to take on their leader. As you might guess, I adore the artwork and mental images, even if the normal models (released back in Warhammer Fantasy Battle days) are very static/designed for ranking up. Seeing as I'm now working on very small (honesty) fantasy collection, and after seeing the Underworld Warband back when it was announced, I decided that these much more dynamic warriors were exactly what I wanted. Each of them looked like a real threat, a champion of the dark gods assembled alongside allies and rivals to take the fight to the enemy. What better troops to follow my Chaos Lord (who I've designed as some kind of Cursed Warrior/Undying King) than a collection of highly skilled individuals who just happen to be able to work together.

March 2021 Project Update

Welcome to April! Lets take a look at how things are going. Project 365 To start, lets take a look at the count. Painted: 40 DescriptionMakerNumberBritish InfantryEmpress36Chaos Warriors (Underworld)GW4 Purchased: 19 DescriptionMakerNumberSwashbucklersWargames Foundry12Keeper of SecretsGW1Darkoath ChieftanGW1Knight-IncantorGW2SequitorGW3 A good bit of progress! I've now managed to paint more models than I've bought this year (always a … Continue reading March 2021 Project Update

(End of) February 2021 Project Update

This may only be a little shorter than the other updates but it is coming out at the start of the next month rather than at a random time. Project 365 First up, this month's count is standing at: Painted: 32 DescriptionMakerNumberCypherGW1Winter British InfantryWarlord10British SnipersWarlord2British InfantryEmpress4Delta ForceSpectre12Task Force BlackEmpress2Tier 1 OperatorsSpectre1 Purchased: 34 DescriptionMakerNumberComet TankRubicon1SigvaldGW1Chaos … Continue reading (End of) February 2021 Project Update

Project WW2 – Infantry Section, 10th (Teesside) Regiment of Rifles

Corporal Joshua Smith kept low as he made his way through the blasted tree stumps and muddy ditches he'd been calling home for the past few weeks, his Sten gun held in his left hand as the other worked to steady him. The mud underfoot was trying it's best to throw him on the face, … Continue reading Project WW2 – Infantry Section, 10th (Teesside) Regiment of Rifles