September 2021 Project Update

Well a little later than usual.

So going to say – September felt like a hard month. Generally low on energy and focus across all things, so naturally the painting suffered a touch. But at the same time, managed to get some game time in which is always a plus.

On the other hand, I’m really happy with having done the move from doing my hobby updates on Twitter/Facebook to centralising them here. I can more easily see people actually reading the stuff I’m working on, rather than just scrolling past.

Project 365

Lets take a look at the details.

Painted: 20

CultistsNorthstar Figures5
Shyluz Internal Security (Germans and Russians)Combat Octopus3
Bushmaster APCguaro3d2
PMC OperatorsTurnbase Miniatures4
Shyluz Infantry (Germans)Combat Octopus3

Purchased: 33

Bushmaster APC (3D Printed)guaro3d2
PMC Operators (3D Printed)Turnbase Miniatures11
Shyluz Infantry (Germans) (3D Printed)Combat Octopus3
VBL (3D Printed)guaro3d2
Criminal HeaviesSpectre Miniatures6
Crisis Response AgentsSpectre Miniatures6
Claymore (3D Printed) Thingiverse3

So I picked up a couple of new things but again, the 3d printing is strong. I even managed to go back into my back catalogue to paint up some Northstar figures for fantasy. On the downside, I didn’t quite reach my target of painted this month. Luckily my excess covered most of the slack.

Project Moderns

Another month doing a lot of Moderns. I managed to fit in quite a variety of things, from printing out some vehicles to actually getting a game in!

First up, the game! First time playing in the ChargeReal, first time with the new version of Skirmish Sangin Version 2 and first time playing moderns against an actual person since July 2019. It was nice getting the tactical brain up and going, and proof nothing quite beats Skirmish Sangin as my favourite ruleset.

It was also fun actually introducing ChargeReal to the tabletop, setting up a game that uses the specific situation rather than just hanging names off real-world locations. I’ve already got few extra scenarios planned, looking into other areas of the world. I really need to keep updating the wiki, especially with some new ideas for just for the Albion Empire is up to along the border with the Bazi Emirate.

After rekindling my liking for the period, I decided it was time to expand the vehicle pool. I found a really good maker of 1/64 scale vehicles on Cults (an STL site) by the name of Guaro 3d. The models are not cheap but in comparison to the 1/100 files from Bergmann, a lot more detail is saved when you get them up to 1/50 (my preferred scale). I’ll do a full post on the files I’ve picked up at some point, but I think this guy is a gold mine for anyone 3d printing for ultramoderns.

One downside to 1/50 for vehicles it that I am rapidly reaching the maximum size my print bed can handle. It was a limitation I knew I’d run into when I started off but the trade-off was having the correct sized clean/cure station and the more reasonable price. However, next time I’ll know that printing 1/50 vehicles is definitely something I’m interested – for now, I can limit vehicle size or chat to friends about borrowing some print time (maybe).

This month also saw some new releases for Spectre. Two squad packs and an add-on, definitely leaning towards the near future/cinematic look.

For the agents range, we’re getting a much more fair weather looking team compared to the rest of the range. These boys (and girls) looks very similar to the agents in the Division 2, with an interesting mix of modern guns. I really like the backpack setup, covered in extra gear and seperate pieces to be played around with.

For the criminals, we have some masked high tech criminals with a collection of some High Speed looking AKs and ARs. There is a good mix of high end firearms, perfect for showing some well equipped operators. I’m seeing them in use as some special security agents, perfect for counter-intelligence and dealing with foreign special forces. I can already picture a mission with a mix of regular army and these over-equipped bad guys hunting down some low profile agents.

As for the VGB (or Very Good Boy), I’m far less interested. I can see what they are going for with it, taking design inspiration from the Boston Dynamics Spot with the addition of the RWS mount but frankly it looks a touch awkward. I much prefer the chunky designs of things like the Ranger from Battlefield 2042 for my ultramodern tech.

Project Fantasy

Fantasy was again quiet last month. I managed to get in one of the weekly games (a rather fun dungeon crawl with slowly revealed tiles) but had to delay a fortnight due to not having it sorted. Luckily my Wednesday evening games can be pushed back, rather than rushing to play something that isn’t fully finished.

Part of what I was finishing was these cultists from Northstar. They have been in my collection since 2018 (along with the rest of the original round of fantasy skirmish). They are really nice figures, with lots of lovely details on them. I’m planning to start cleaning out the North Star figures – they are fun to paint, plenty of detail without being too overwhelming.

Project Six (Ultra)Mil

Just at the tail end of last month, I got to talking to Lazy Forger about some of his rules he was working on for super small scale games. Having seen some of his great work on MMF and also having played his previous game Round of Fire, I decided to take a look into the idea of doing some games in 6mm. This is definitely something that I’ve been on the fence about – 28mm isn’t really that good for modern games feature more than one or two armoured vehicles and for world building sometimes you need larger scale battles. Using the Bergmann 1/100 models, as well as the other STLs I purchased, I’ve started assembling some forces. I’m going to be testing out the rules so expect some smaller scale conflicts coming soon.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

August 2021 Project Update

August is gone. Not the most summery of months for me, I ended up getting my second jab and falling ill on week off (not related, was just run down from work). On the other hand, I got a ton of stuff done hobby wise – painting, printing and writing. So overall, pretty good!

Also you might have noticed, my paint rack has expanded! Yep, I realised I was still putting some of my paints into my drawers, rather than having them within arms reach which was getting annoying. Because of this, I picked up two extra drawers to carry more citadel paints. It’s also added a nice shelf for my phone mount, meaning I can keep it at eye level (and stop missing phonecalls when it’s on the stand).

Project 365

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That purchase column for this month is an unusual colour.

Lets take a look at the details.

Painted: 35

Escher ChampionGW1
Ammo-Jack “Denis”GW1
Covert/Overt OperatorsSpectre12
Shyluz Infantry (Germans)Combat Octopus12
PMC + VIPTurnbase Miniatures3
Shyluz Internal Secruity (Germans and Russians)Combat Octopus4
Combat DroidsTurnbase Miniatures4

Purchased: 28

Shyluz Infantry (Germans) (3D Printed)GW12
Shyluz Internal Secruity (Germans and Russians) (3D Printed)GW7
PMC + VIP (3D Printed)Turnbase Miniatures3
Combat Droids (3D Printed)Turnbase Miniatures4
Captain Carter (3D Printed)Skull Forge Studios1
Hades (3D Printed)Raging Heroes1

So yep, all of my additions to the database this month were 3D printed. This is the first month that’s happened and it was a lot of fun; printing out the models, working out the paint schemes and thinking up the scenarios and uses for them

I also managed to do well on painting, working on a few things from previous months as well as most of the things I printed this month. It’s one thing I’m aiming to do with all the patreons that I’m on – if I’m buying the models, I should probably get to work on them and enjoy the painting.

Battered Brush 2021

I did it! I finished battered brush with over 10 days to go! I decided to give up on doing on GW stuff as it was more of a personal challenge. It was really cool to watch the map slowly tick up as I managed to fit painting days in. It was even better once I started beating the dreaded line!

Project 3D Printing

As I mentioned above, this is the first month where I’ve actually not purchased any physical models. Instead, I’ve picked up a few STL files but spent most of my printing time pushing the edge of what I’m used to the on the printer. Going bigger, realising mistakes in my setting (100mm retract speed was maybe a touch high)

A lot of it has actually been learning how to properly setup and support models. I’ve moved from just using Chitubox for everything to a hybrid Lychee/Chitu solution – doing the initial supports and resizing in Lychee before going back to Chitu for slicing. Lychee’s supports seem a little more reliable (if aggressive) but I also like the repair function, especially as new versions include a button to use Azure’s web tools to do it.

Technically not part of this month but, after finding a great source for some ultramodern vehicles, I’ve started experimenting with hollowing models and adding holes to drain out. This is something I haven’t tried, but it’s a neat addition to the skill set.

Project Moderns

For the first time in a while, Moderns is the busiest category on the blog! I appreciate that a lot of people read this blog mainly for the ultramodern content and luckily for them, I’m slowly getting my mojo back for it. I think partially it’s down 3d printing opening up what’s coming out but also I’m a sucker for world building and so coming up with new scenarios (both setting and gaming) is something I really enjoy. Now I just have to get them on the table.

I made it my aim at the start of the month to get some of the Patreons I’ve been paying for printed off. First up was Combat Octopus, a Patreon I’m really excited about (as a man wanting to build a pile of fictional nations). With their 1990s Germans, I found a really unusual set of models (only Eureka doing a similar set) with a whole host of options thanks to their multi-part setup. September will see some more additions to the Germans and Japanese SF coming out and I will definitely be painting some out.

I’ve painted them up as the first fictional nation in my setting, the Republic of Shlyuz, giving them a mix of G3s and G36s to match the squad loadout I’ve got planned. Once I’ve got the NCO and Radio operators printed, I’ll go into more details on them.

The other modern patreon I have is Turnbase. They are doing a nice range of figure every month and this time it was my weakness – PMCs

I will admit, I’m a little less excited about the possibilities of Turnbase – it seems to replicate a little bit of what Spectre and Empress are doing, with less of the sheer range size the others have. However, I don’t want to be too harsh on them – they are still producing models at a satisfyingly rapid rate, with some really interesting weapons and poses. Swappable heads means (like my anvil subscription) that it’s worth still getting them

The other thing Turnbase does excellently is adding vehicles. Their last two months have included a vehicle as part of the pack. I do like how it’s offered at both the regular and upper tier level (the upper tier adding more to increase the value). The PMC Month also included a Little Bird, in both gunship (if you paid extra) and transport role.

Now, I love Little Birds. I adore scout and utility helos in games like ArmA 3 and GTA Online. That last one might show in what I constructed – a PMC light support gunship, made by taking the AH6 body and not printing the weapons for it. I can easily see this appearing on the board in support of some PMC types. No guns, not even the boards, just a machine gunner leaning out the side. Printing was nice and easy (their supporting work continues to get better) and got it all printed within a workday.

Downside – the initial version was fractionally too small for the crew (as you can see). However, with Turnbase being active on Facebook, I was able to raise the point, get a response and fixed files within a few days. Not bad!

With Spectre releasing it’s long awaited Covert/Overt models last month, I didn’t want to waste time with them. The paint schemes were relatively simple, but it did add the extra challenge of “now paint two models basically the same”. Overall, I’m really happy with how they came out – simply yet standout, while still looking like civilians. A full post in coming covering the range, but I can see them getting a chunk of use.

And this is where I get into trouble – robots! Or should I say Bipedal Semi-Autonomous Combat units (or BSAC) from the nation of Arcadia in the ChargeReal. I’ve always like the Chappie-esque robot design, and I think adding them to ultramodern wargaming (with the right rules) could be an interesting tactical challenge. These models are free from Turnbase’s Gumroad website and (after a quick rescaling) were printed out. I’m already thinking up ideas for them, trying to sell these things as early prototypes rather than 100% perfect for combat – the type of things you need to spend time commanding rather than it automatically changing orders.

Not quite finished this month but here are some more figures using from Combat Octopus parts. These guys are supposed to be the Interior Securtiy troops of Shyluz (hence the Russian look to them) but with the same camo of the regular troops. The torsos are form the modern Russians set, mixed with legs from the German set and with heads using the Vityaz helmet. I have three more from the squad acting as the long range element but I think these guys are perfect for the ex-Soviet door kicking look.

Project Necromunda

Your eyes do not deceive you – I played a game of Necromunda this month.

I managed to invite the Former Housemate over for a quick game, as well as splitting up the Hive War box we bought a few months ago. As well as it being nice to be social again, it was also fun playing the game. Necromunda has just that right level of

As for the game result? Well, the attempt by the Enforcers to escort a captured Escher Champion through the badlands ended up going poorly when the Delaque ambushed. A well placed sniper, aid from an Eldar Bounty Hunter and the casual dropping of a melta trap just behind the VIP to turn her into ash basically meant Enforcers were out for the count. I definitely need to learn the tactics of the guys I have but I really liked how they played. And importantly, going up against my Eldar Bounty Hunter meant I got to see her loadout actually work out.

I can’t wait to get into a campaign and get some revenge!

Speaking of Eschers, here is the Champion in question. After assembling her last month, this month I actually sat down and painted here. And it may shock you but look! Colours!

I decide to go for a paint scheme inspired by an Anime character I like and I’m really happy how she turned out. Having relied so heavily on dark colours and Agrax Earthshade for so long, painting a model without it felt like a new experience.

So, what next for the Escher? Well I need to go and assemble them first, but I’m aiming for this style. I think I might try and use colour pallets from characters I really like, giving them a fashionable and bright edge in comparison to my Space-Merc Enforcers.

Of course, that wasn’t the only Necormunda model I worked on. I had picked up a pair of hangers on because I love the models – the Ammo-Jack bristling with magazine and shells, the dome runner with the skull mask. However, I decided I wanted to get them into the field.

The Dome Runner is light and agile like every other Escher, but the skull mask made me think of the Death Maidens. For this reason, I’ve decorated her up as a rogue Escher now returned. A needle pistol and sword make sense weapon wise, and I added some Escher pouches to make her match her sisters. And speaking of, I think her clothing might end up being from the same series as the Champion above – black and red, ideal for an outsider.

Seeing as my enforcers can roll with bolt guns from the off, the Ammo Jack will become an Enforcer champion. Just assume that’s all the gear he stole I MEAN confiscated. I also decided to change his headgear – the original head is a bit plain and all my other mercs are using Anvil pieces. So I looked through my collection of STLs and found a Ushanka.

So I had a friend at University called Denis, who was from Russia and, it’s safe to say, made university unforgettable. Always up to hang out, enthusiastic and excitable and not afraid to burn ammo at airsoft. Who better to be inspiration for a ganger covered in ammo?

Now, you may notice he’s joined by some friends. These lizzards are a reference to a little story that came up early in in knowing Denis and it lodged itself in my brain. One of my friends mentioned while I was showing off the basic model, another said one should be on the gun craving violence. Luckily I found a Sumpkroc model on Cults3d, scaled it down, printed it off and attached them. I think they are a really neat addition, both making this guy standout but also making him uniquely mine. I can’t wait to see what happens when he hits the table.

Project Fantasy

Fantasy was quiet this month. Sadly my games with my sister took a pause this month (we finished the first arc and so took a week off, during which I was exhausted, and then I was ill for the other one this month). However, this hasn’t stopped me writing up those games (or at least finishing the first one). The other two are almost done, I just keep being distracted from finishing them off. However, for a sneak peek, go and ready the narrative my sister has been writing over at her blog.

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning ahead. Last month some very nice MDF tilesets from PWORK turned up. The tavern and dungeon sets are going to wait but the caves are going into action for Episode 2, game 1. I still need to finish assembling them but it’s a really smart little setup, with literally three items that needed instructions. I’m still not sure how I’m going to paint them (or even if I will before the game) but it’s a set I’m very happy with.

However, I am looking far beyond the limits of this first story. I’m already planning Episode 3 + 4 and trying to think where our swordmasters will be going next. One thing I’m excited to show off in this setting is the variety of characters you might end up encountering. These Lion Guard Elves fit into that – one of my ideas features a hidden Elven temple that the Swordmasters may stumble upon, giving a location for future battles in the episode. However, we’ll see what I come up with.

These models are from Last Sword and were a nightmare to get printed. All of the files needed repairing, so eventually I had to take them into Lychee and repair all of them, thankfully added by the Azure tools. Now I’m done, I’m really happy with them – there are some great poses, a trio of characters and spot on for my image of them. Now to plan the scenario…

Project WW2

Yes that’s Captain Carter.

Yes, I did buy her from Skullforge Studios to go with my Chain of Command force.

No, I have not painted her (I tried and failed when i went too hard on the while paint).

No, I have not worked out her support list cost or rules…. but I will.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

July 2021 Project Update

July, another hard month on the old brain but still slowly working through it. At least the heat wave is over.

That said, productive month for painting. Also managed to do a little bit of a tidy up, part 1 of fixing up my workspace. The room I work in is mostly done, but I still have to work through the backroom where Is store my terrain and the 3d printing setup is.

The other thing from this month is realising just how much shit I have and how little I’ve actually painted up. I really need to stop purchasing things! Luckily, I’ve reached a point where I actually don’t need anything for the projects going forward (at the moment). I’ve also got plenty of 3d printing to look at.

Project 365

Another month, another graph style change. As you can see, I’ve started separating out my purchases and painted to reflect actual purchases and 3d printed elements. This is mostly for my own tracking – I want to reduce how much I’m buying, so being able to see that bar reducing is a great motivator

Speaking of, lets see how I did last month.

Painted: 34

Torgillius the ChamberlainGW1
Gorslav the GravekeeperGW1
Corpse RatsGW6
Bat SwarmsGW6
Gnawbone StrayGW2
Dire GoylesGW2
Golem (3d Printed)GW1
The Sewer (Warcry Terrain)GW1
Gravestones (Cursed City)GW2
Crows (Cursed City)GW2
Gibbets (Cursed City)GW2
Camp TerrainMaking Tlon8

Purchased: 50

Yndrasta, the Celestial SpearGW1
Golem (3d Printed)Last Sword1
The ChangelingGW1
Covert OperatorsSpectre6
Overt OperatorsSpectre6
Realmscape ObjectivesGW7
Adventuring CampMaking Tlon8

Painting is over the target (always a good sign) and the purchases were what I was expecting (Dominion release and a new Spectre release) but still a fair amount.

Battered Brush 2021

The event continues and I’m doing pretty well! I’ve managed to claw a little bit of headroom pushing forward so I’m not burning on the edge struggling to keep pushing. To illustrate this, here is a graph!

One thing as part of it is that I’m not really doing an offical Battered Brush, mostly because I keep doing non-Games Workshop products (partially thanks to my 3d printing additions).

At time of writing I am 58 days in with 64 models painted.

Project Fantasy

As a running trend, Fantasy was the main focus this month. As I mentioned last month, we kicked off with the release of AoS 3’s Dominion box. After separating it all out (and having to deal with a misprinted rulebook) I managed to build up a few of the figures. The standout so far has to be Yndrasta, the winged hero above that is a glorious figure. I still need to do a few tweaks (making the bases look a little less swampy) but I can’t wait to try out some things when painting them up.

At the start of the month, a friend pointed out someone was selling one of the old Warhammer Watch Towers on eBay. I’ve wanted one of these things for years, ever since they were first released. And seeing as I’m now running a fantasy campaign, it made a lot of sense to get a watchtower to fight around. It turned up rather promptly and I have to say it’s a lovely piece of kit.

The big painting progress this month was continuing on with Cursed City. At this stage, I’ve painted up the big three groups of bad guys (Zombies, Skeletons and the Menagerie) as well as the three villains to lead them. I’ve also cranked through the side objectives (partially to avoid painting big things) but all I have left before I work on the heroes is the vampires.

A new addition to the collection was this 3d printed Golem from Last Sword. He’s actually a pair of golems combined together, the mace wielding Pernach and the extended arm of the Sword Golem. This is the second 3D printed model I’ve painted up, and I’m really happy with the final result. Especially with the steam/smoke cloud which I painted up with a mix of hexwraith and nihilakh oxide over a white base. Seeing as I’ve used green to be the identifier for magic across models so far, it gives the golem an arcane look to it. I’m looking forward to getting it on the board.

And speaking of being on the board, I’ve played more games! With The Sister visiting every other week, we’ve finished off the first three missions of our ongoing campaign featuring the Swordmasters. These missions will form the first episode of the storyline that I’m writing, and even had a suitable finale that reset the cast ready for the second episode!

I’m going to be writing up a post for these games (once I get round to it) while The Sister will be writing the story up more narratively over on her own blog. I’ve also got some terrain pieces on the way to the second episode, so there might be a little gap before we start playing on episode 2. But I am also very excited to detail more about what’s going on and write up stuff on my setting.

Project Necromunda

Seeing as I was ahead on my painted models for July, I decided to take a look atht he Escher figures I’ve had sat waiting for me to start on the project. I have a rough idea for the scheme – inspired by a recent Kill la Kill watch, and having been told off for painting things in shades of brown, green and tan, I’m going for a scheme inspired by some of the clothing in that show, both in terms of colours and some design elements. I need to finish my test model but it setups up some cool ideas for the gangs theme – these Eschers being fashion focus, making clothing that is lined with chems to make the experience everything. Once the test model is done, I’ll get to work assembling the rest.

Project Moderns

I am getting excited about restarting my Project Moderns. With this focus on getting fantasy stuff painted, I’ve been spending some of my non-painting time writing up the details for the various nations of my fictional setting. I’ve come up with a few so far and I’ve been writing the details on my personal wiki. It been interesting trying to make setups that actually feel unique rather than just “what if USA but a different name.”

Perhaps more exciting than my dabblings in writing plausible nation states, we got some new Spectre figures this month (at the last possible moment). Six new sets, each comprised of matching Covert and Overt figures. This has been something people have been wanting for as long as I’ve been collecting Spectre’s figures and don’t get me wrong it’s a cool idea. But I can also see how hard it is to do, how it affects the miniatures pipeline (you’re getting 6 new models rather than 12 different ones) and if you’re trying to be sneaky with them, anyone who knows the range will spot them. But, thanks to the 3D design, Spectre have managed to get it done. Current favourites are the US and UK operators – I especially like the photojournalist look, so I will probably get plenty of use out of her in the civilian form even when she isn’t being sneaky.

In more practical things, Project Moderns and Project 3d printing has been crossing over. I’ve been taking a look at the various models from the Quartermaster War in Iraq Kickstarter I backed earlier this year. Perhaps the big standout from it was the MH-6. I’ve got a few plastic kits (in various stated of repair) but found they were a little fragile for wargaming. A resin model should be a little bit more “playing piece”, with far fewer little details about to fall off. Overall, I was really impressed by this model. I need to do some clean up, and there are a few bits of misprinting but nothing unfixable. Definitely a promising sign.

This does open up the possibility of attempting an armed version through some tweaking and I will probably replace my model kits with a 3d printed version. The next stage is working on a flight stand

Another item on the 3d printing chart was the BRDM, also from Quartermaster. This one came out well (aside from some curling on the rear portion due to some supports giving away). I’m going to mod this a little, opening up the turret ring to allow other turrets on there – making your own fictional setting means you can do crazy things like putting HMVs or RWSs on there.

I’m currently working on a nation which doesn’t have an army, only a religious police force. These BRDMs would be great for them, something with a touch of armour to them.

Finally for the 3D printing side, I’m taking a look at some figures that people have been producing as STLs. Combat Octopus and Turnbase Miniatures are two Patreons I’ve joined onto offering Modern/Ultramodern figurines. So far I’ve been impressed with the detail of each of them – there is a sculpting style difference to both of them but nothing too major. I’m going to dig in a little more on each of them – the scale difference on Combat Octopus might need some adjustment with the scale and the support situation is not great for either. But once I’ve nailed it down, expect some more details.

Project 3D Printing

But my 3D printing adventures were not just limited modern wargaming. At 9pm the night before my game with The Sister, I suddenly realised I needed a campsite for the party to begin in. In years past, I’d probably have just realised I was buggered and I’d be missing the cool centrepiece. However, thanks to the 3D printer I was able to go purchase some camp elements, start the printer running and by the time I went to bed I had… one failed print on the item you see above and one bed missing but overall not bad. Luckily, I just ran another job for the following day. A quick paint after work and I was good to go!

And here’s the final result. It’s not the best paint job but it definitely added to the game. I think this is something that 3D printing is excellent for – getting those extra little details that you might not buy in an order by themselves but are relatively quick to print and get ready to just add that extra edge to your board. I’m especially thinking street furniture for Ultramoderns, just adding extra cover or even vehicles to fill the streets.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

June 2021 Project Update

Jesus Christ, last month was one from hell. Sleep pattern gone to heck, generally feeling worn out and tired most of the time and all this in spite of having a week off at the start of it.

On the plus side, I got stabbed in the arm by some Pfizer so I’m hopefully on the way to actually playing games with people (as well as other hobbies outside). So swings and roundabouts.

Project 365

So you may notice that the graphs for this month has changed. As I mentioned in last month’s project Database, I’m now tracking terrain purchases and painting. This required some back end tweaks in the sheet I use to make the graphs and such, which meant I had to rebuild the graphs. On the plus side, terrain now counts when I’m working out my numbers.

Speaking of, lets see how I did last month.

Painted: 32

Chaos Godsworn HuntGW6
Darkoath WarqueenGW1
Darkoath ChieftainGW1
Kosgari Nightguard (Cursed City)GW2
Deadwalker Zombies (Cursed City)GW10
Ulfenwatch (Cursed City)GW10
Watch Captain Halgrim (Cursed City)GW1
Imperial DwarfLast Sword1

Purchased: 31

Escher GangersGW10
Escher Death MaidenGW2
Escher Wyld RunnersGW4
Escher PhelynxGW4
Escher ChampionGW1
Dome RunnerGW1
Ylthari’s GuardiansGW4
Stormsire’s CursebreakersGW3
Imperial DwarfLast Sword1

We’ll get into the purchases below, but I’m really happy I managed to hit my goal of 31 models painted this month. Overall, I’m doing okay I think, keeping up with the target without the purchases going too far out of control.

Battered Brush 2021

Something that comes from having a whole bunch of wargaming friends in a different city means that I get dragged into some strange arrangements. In this point? Battered Brush 2021.

As the image above shows – 100 models, in 100 days. This is something similar to project 365 but just a little bit more focused in terms of days and model makers. I’ve been using this to get to work on all the GW figures I’ve been picking up, especially with the Cursed City box. I’m planning to keep working through GW stuff with one of two other items sneaked in (such as the Imperial Dwarf I painted this month).

At time of writing I am 29 days in with 30 models painted.

Project Database

Adding terrain to the database is still an ongoing process. I have a lot of more than I expected.

Another new element to the database I’ve added is a list of games. Partially so I can keep track of how often I actually use my models, but also a fun way of logging my hobby time. This required some database shenanigans (turns out storing lists of values in a database entry is a big no-no, in comparison to my more programmatic approach). Instead, there is a few more tricks to make the various tables link together. This is probably the final aspect of tracking the three parts of the hobby – Miniatures, Terrain and Games.

Project Fantasy

First up for Fantasy – Conversion work! When Cursed City had just been released (and I was unsure if I would get my copy) I picked up some bits from it (Namely the Human Captain and trio of Bloodborn Vampires). When I actually got my copy of Cursed City, that left me with some duplicates to assemble.

I still haven’t decided on that I’m doing with the Vampires, but after the arrival of the pair of Witch Hunters, I got inspiration. I decided to assemble the elder Van Denst as a dual pistol gunslinger which left me a pair of gloved hands with torch and sword. Combined with how the female captain goes together, the gloved hands would fit perfect with the style of the model. Combined with a head from the Stormcast head (complete with warrior braid) and some chopping/greenstuff work, I’ve managed to assemble a human captain I’m pretty excited about in a very commanding pose. The next step is to get her painted up, which I think I’ll do around the same time as the Van Densts and the Witch Hunter from Cursed City.

In terms of completed projects, we start first with the Chaos Barbarians. Made out of the Darkoath champions, Godsworn Hunt and the Ogroid Myrmidon I finished off last month, I’m mostly pretty damn happy with hwo they turned out. It’s a very different project for me – lots of exposed skin and naturalistic materials (leather and fur) rather than more processed materials.

I’ll go into more detail on them in a post, but the feature I think really worked was making sure each model had the clan colour (Red) and the Leader colour (Purple) so that they looked like a family clan that has joined with my other Chaos warriors.

However, my favourite project to finish this month was the skeletons from Cursed City.

I think I really like painting skeletons.

Blog post coming soon.

Not quite finished in time for this wrap up but I have also been working on the zombies from Cursed City. These guys were a complete 180 from the skeletons, with lots of a details to pick out and lots of colours to work through. I couldn’t batch paint them anywhere nearly as quickly as I usually manage but by the end managed to work out some techniques that I might be able to use going forward.

Big fantasy news for this month (even though it counts for July) was getting the Age of Sigmar Dominion box. Now, I’m not keeping it all – I’ve split it into three with two fellow hobbyists and will just be keeping my hands on the new Stormcast figures. I’m honestly surprised how excited I have been for the new Stormcast models. I will raise my hand and include myself among those people who found the original Liberators kind of… dumb. But, with the addition of the robes and armour design, they have become a much more dynamic and overall better looking version of the fantasy knight archetype. I also adore how GW has used the Stormcast to push a great diversity of characters and people. There are some fantastic heads in the new releases, perfect for letting you show a real mix of glorious warriors, rather than just more angry shouting bald men.

Yet somehow, despite not getting in Age of Sigmar (all these figures are going into Open Combat duels), you’re also going to see more Stormcast! After I’ve done cursed city, I’ll be working through my collection of armoured warriors and maybe even adding some of the upcoming releases such as the Vigilors and Vanquishers that were announced during the launch stream.

Project Necromunda

Funny thing about Dominion – it’s also kicked off another project.

During the run up to it’s release, my local wargames shop Leodis had several deals to sell off stock to make room for the new releases. One of these was the Hive War box for Necromunda. A few moments after I shared this news, one of my former uni-housemates appeared with a cunning temptation to split the box.

A few purchases later, and I’m building an Escher gang. Much like with the enforcers I made last year, I decided to go all in, getting as many options as possible so I can mix and match from the start. I’m still working on the theme for them, but I think a focus will be to make it colourful – I find myself often just focusing the effects of washes and dark colours, so making a group more vibrant.

Project 3D Printing

Remember this? Yeah, it’s been a little quiet. I still need to write up my blog detailing my initial thoughts on 3D printing – I’ve been pushing it back again and again until I was really in the mood to write it. Hopefully, that should be done soon with the bonus of six months of printing and playing around.

My first 3D printed Kickstarter has delivered – Dogs of War offered a good set of Imperial Mercenaries, perfect for any number of fantasy skirmish shenanigans. By which I mean Mordhiem style things. Overall, I’m really happy with the quality of these models, they definitely show off what the printer can do. On the other hand, less happy with how much fucking around there was to get them fully printed – there were about four batches of prints with a few minor issues on several models each time.

With the grumbling over however, I can now focus on other things. Like painting them.

And speaking of painting, here is the first 3d Printed model I have actually painted. This Imperial Dwarf is from Last Sword, a Spanish miniatures company currently working on units that strongly evoke Warhammer Fantasy’s Lizardmen, Chaos, Empire and High Elves (with elven vampires and other more unique units on the way). I’ve got a lot of thoughts on these patreons, which I’ll get into at some point but I think this one is definitely one that works for me personally.

This guy sits among the Welcome pack, a great model to get into their style. As someone needs some adventurers for upcoming campaign missions, this guy seemed pretty perfect. Printing was easy (unlike other Last Sword STLs which have some risky supports), painting even easier. I added some Frostgrave rope (rather than his shield) and a treasure chest from another Last Sword figure (an elven bard that mis-printed) but I’m happy with the final effect.

As well as joining the Patreon, I also went deep into their back catalogue and picked up most of their STLs. Among them were a really cool set of Golems. I had to do some repair work in Windows 3D Builder to get a good print, as well as adding supports. But the look of this guy gave me some really good ideas. I actually used the arm from a different golem, as well as a base I had prepared for another 3D printed model. This is definitely a model that I looked at and got really excited about, so keep your eyes open for when I actually finish this guy.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

May 2021 Project Update

Welcome to June! May was busy and so I ended up…

Wait. That picture seems… different to last month. Something is off. It’s almost tidy.

Oh yeah – I upgraded my office/hobby room with a new piece of furniture. I’m probably going to do a little thing on it (mostly because I love it) but it’s an Eket setup to give me a little more storage space.

Project 365

So lets take a look at the numbers for May.

Painted: 30

British InfantryEmpress19
Pulp AgentWargames Illustrated1
SwashbucklerWargames Foundry2
Ogroid MyrmidonGW1
Warcry Catacombs TerrainGW7

Purchased: 6

Dark Elf ShadowbladeGW1
Dark Elf SorceressGW1
Undead Vampire LordGW1
Galen ven DenstGW1
Doralia ven DenstGW1
Warsong RevenantGW1

Well good news! I painted more than I bought (by a fair chunk). I missed my goal by 1 (and more until I did my terrain painting on Monday night). On the other hand, the month was quite busy for work, I had some pretty bad brain days which made painting hard to do and A LOT of time was spent assembling models (thanks to Cursed City).

PROJECT Database

And so, having painted some terrain for a game, I have triggered a trap in my work. To make sure my data is correct, I now need to add all of my terrain to the database to bring the overall number of items up to the correct level, letting my overall completion percentage actually be accurate.

I’m setting up another table in the database and will start filling it with all the various items. The main problem with terrain vs miniatures is going to be cataloguing it, tying an entry in the database to the actual item. Part of me is tempted to start assembling asset tags to stick to the bottom of them, although I fear that may be a step too far.


Although the painting numbers aren’t the highest, I think the main focus this month was fantasy. This is because there has been a lot of assembly this month, both starting from scratch but also finishing off some partial assemblies that have been sat around.

First up we have the entirety of Cursed City. 50 models and 10 tokens is a pretty hefty addition, and took me a while to build and then undercoat. These are going to be painted up as part of the Battered Brush challenge Games Workshop York is running in June (which due to the Dastardly Regular Opponent being based there is going to drag me in to it).

I actually have some duplicate models to assemble as well, three of the posing vampires and the heroic captain. I’m still debating my exact plans for how to assemble them, but I’m thinking of some weapon swaps for the vampires (using some Elven weapons I have) while the Captain might get a headswap and weapon tweak.

As part of my tidying up, I bit the bullet and finished off my Chaos Lord’s assembly. This required an evening of green-stuffing fun to rebuild a hand at the join between the arm and the Keeper of Secrets spear I was using. After originally doing it with way too much greenstuff (so that it looked like it had swollen up) I had to frantically trim big chunks of it away as it started to set. However, now that it’s been done and undercoated, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. More pictures of the process once I finish him off.

And speaking of green stuffing, I also finished off building my Keeper of Secrets. From the start, I’ve always declared how much I dislike the crab claws. As I was building her as a Warrior Queen turned Greater Demon, I wanted to use weapons on all four arms. this required a little bit of cutting and green stuffing repair work to the arms, covering up the joins between the hand and the crab claw wrist. I had planned to be a little bit more experimental, bringing the shield a little closer to the body. However, when I got round to actually assembling, I decided not to risk it; the default pose is perfectly suited for the pose of the giant warrior creature casually advancing on her opponent. The model is now undercoated and at some point, I’ll get round to painting her.

The final bit of assembly and mod work for this month was the Soulblight Vampire Lord. I adore this model but I thought the bats in the hair were a little over the top. It was also confirmed when, upon assembling the model, I realised the larger base was only need to make sure the bats in hair actually fitted. Wanting this lord to fit with the Crimson Court band I got last month, I decided to give her a haircut – of course, this required me to then add some tips to the hair. My first few attempt was purely green stuff (as you can see above) but I could get the detail I wanted. Because of this, I decided to instead use some donor parts from some left over Dark Elf pieces, giving me the sharp points and meaning I only had to fill in the gaps with liquid green stuff. Now she’s undercoated, I’m really happy with her. You’ll see the results once I get to painting my vampires.

Now for painting, I finally took a look at my Swashbucklers. Getting the first two painted up as a test, I’m really happy with the models, perfectly suited for what I have in mind for the Swordmasters in my setting. I am looking forward to getting the rest painted up and ready to be used in games moving forward.

The other fantasy painting was the Ogroid Myrmidon. This, I believe, is the single largest model I’ve painted so far. He’s a glorious model, a Minotaur like creature with shield and spear that towers over it’s opponents. It took me a couple of days to paint him up, but I love how he looks and I’m really excited to get him on the table. More details and photos once I finish the rest of my half naked Chaos followers.

And yes! Terrain! During my week off (which I’m currently on) I decided to arrange a game with the Dastardly Regular Opponent so we could roll some dice. I’ll talk about all the joys of Open Combat (the ruleset we used) in the battle report but more importantly, OH MAN, it’s nice having painted terrain to play over it. As much as I dislike how much time it takes and how much it murders my paint brushes with slapping paint all over it (not helped by my brain preferring to work from a black undercoat) but on the plus side, I really like how it’s turned out. Now I just have to work on the rest…

Uh oh.


Offt okay. So I am very close to finishing off my Brits but man it’s a bit of a slog. I don’t know if it was just this month or if I’m getting bored of painting green and brown but it was hard work kicking my way through the rest of the figures.

That said, I did rather enjoy converting and assembling my sneaky recce boys. I really like the camp comforter look and, with several duplicate figures, I decided to make some special figures. As well as the green-stuff’d cap, I also painted their faces with black contrast to tone it down and look like it had been blackened prior to some sneaky business.

As well as the recce boys, I also finished off a few extra riflemen, a pair of prone support teams (giving me an extra PIAT and Bren gun), the spotters for my Vickers guns, four SMG soldiers and Agent Carter. This is the Wargames Illustrated “Pulp Agent” but lets be fair, it’s obvious who it is. I’m… Not Really a fan of this model. It’s definitely a much more heroic/pulp figure, with different proportions that don’t quite fit my painting style. I would definitely love a version of this character with the same style as the Paul Hicks Brits, but for now she’ll work as a little bit of fun.

In terms of the project, I now have two vickers machine guns, two radio teams and a platoon of Churchills to do to finish off the projects. With lockdown easing, it’s likely that soon my British will be clashing with Germans under the control of the Dastardly/Creative Regular opponents.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

April 2021 Project Update

Welcome to May! April was a pretty successful month for getting stuff done but oh boy do I have some cool stuff to get to work on, as well as it murdering my ratio!

Project 365

First up, lets take a look at the numbers and oh god…

Painted: 39

T-62Tiny Terrain2
Chaos WarriorsGW10
Chaos Warriors (Old)GW11
Insurgent PMCSpectre10
Insurgent PMC (Undercover)Spectre2

Purchased: 106

Witch Aelves (Underworld)GW5
Insurgent PMCSpectre10
Insurgent PMC (Undercover)Spectre2
Stormcast HeroesGW3
Stormcast SequitorGW10
Stormcast EvovatorGW5
Ogroid MyrmidonGW1
Ogroid ThaumaturgeGW1
Crimson Court (Underworld)GW4
Cursed City – HeroesGW8
Cursed City – VillainsGW42
Vyrkos Blood-BornGW3
Emelda BraskovGW1
Chaos Warriors (Old)GW11

Well in good news, I continued to exceed my target of 31 models a month painted. I also managed to prevent figures dropping into the shame pile by getting the Insurgent PMC and the Chaos Warriors done.

So as I predicted last month, the release of Crimson Court and Cursed City bumped up my purchased to a ridiculous level, not helped by a sudden project appearing in my mind (more details below). Looking at the numbers from this, I’m going to hold off on picking up anything for the next month or two. I already have plenty of things to work on, especially with the addition of a boxed game I can play with my sister. Looking forward, there are a few things I’m very interested coming up (such as the recently previewed Witch Hunters or whatever Spectre is working on), so I’ll be saving my hobby purchases for them. Until then, the goal is getting the stuff I’ve purchased painted up.


I have spent a lot of time this month painting boys and girls in black armour. After my experiment with the Underworld warband last month, this month I decided to get to work on the main line troops. It was a great bit of experience, a very nice change from the painting style of the WW2 figures I had been working on. I’m also really enjoying just how useful Black Contrast paint is, even though I’m not using it for it’s original purpose. Painting it over metal to do the black armour meant it took a fraction of the time and saved me a lot of extra work. I also made sure to do a fair number of guys with bare heads, just a little more practise with painting facial features.

Of course, just after I finished the first set, my Dastardly Regular Opponent (while we were having a social distanced BBQ) decided to add some extra bad guys to the pile by gifting me a box of the old Chaos Warriors (complete with brown box). These took a little bit of work and cleanup to get ready (and there are still gaps I only noticed when I started painting) but they are still that gloriously iconic look, the looming metal black slowly marching forward. It was also fun putting the same scheme on the older figure, you really see how the level of detail has improved in the sculpts as well as just the general quality.

Oh boy, and then Cursed City. This was some real Games Workshop shenanigans. As impressive as it was seeing them continuing their aggressive release schedule, the experience of actually ordering it was a nightmare. My local wargames shop was out of stock before the pre-orders even went up and my second choice put me onto a future wave list. Even then, I didn’t know if I would even get it until I had the dispatch email. I was actually thinking it was almost time to cancel my pre-order, assuming that I wouldn’t be seeing any sign of it. In fact, I even managed to order the models I really wanted separately just in case I missed out on them. But luckily, I got the email and then the box through the door the following day.

With Cursed City’s arrival, getting the Crimson Court undercoated and the upcoming release of the Soulblight Gravelords later this year, I’m really falling in love with Games Workshop’s undead models. Age of Sigmar has definitely become much more interesting over the last few years, and the reccent releases keep giving out models I’m really interested in. Plus, zombies, skeletons and more are perfect for games like Frostgrave or other fantasy skirmish things, and you can never have enough zombies.

Of course, the vampires aren’t the only set of fantasy figures I’m eyeing up. At the end of last month, I mentioned taking a look at painting up the easy build Sequitors in a more realistic method. As you can see, they came out rather well. These three look like some hardcore templars. now, Having painted these, and spotting that Leodis had more models in stock…

I picked up a few things. The Evocators and Sequitors are the exact look I’ve been wanting, and raising up to squads means I have plenty of people to assemble in the different loadouts each squad can prepare. Despite having enough troops to form a small army for AoS, these guys are not going to end up filling boards. Instead, they are all designed for Warcry. I really like all the small skirmish games, mostly because you get to make each figure a real character. I’m looking forward to continuing the fun I had with the trio of Sequitors above.

And as my friends continue to point out, I now have four factions worth of Age of Sigmar (Stormcast, Daughters of Khaine, Undead and Chaos), something pretty amusing having only really got into it last year.


I took a little break from my WW2 British platoon to work on fantasy stuff and now I’m back and ready to finish off the final tray of WW2 Brits (23 in total). Once done, I’ll just need to spray up the platoon of Churchill tanks and my first WW2 force would be done.

Of course, there is another reason for wanting to get these guys done. As you can see above, Mr Hicks (the sculptor for this range) has completed work on a 3inch Mortar team to go with the existing figures, showing off a great mix of the different clothing styles one might encounter. This is probably a sign we’re about to see another set of releases for the Late-War British. As you may have worked out from my repeated ramblings, I’m very excited for a 6pdr crew to go with the rest of my force. But at the same time, the soft spot I have for the troops in greatcoats means that I might potentionally be interested in expanding my British force to another platoon, which can be combined with my tanks. However, I wouldn’t dream of starting this until I’ve finished off my current collection and got to the stage I can actually get some games in.


End of the month, I took a look in my drawers and realised I had a pile of ultramodern vehicles that just needed the final touches applying to them. Again, this a case of using the Black Contrast paint and being amazed at the usefulness of it. Black Contrast over tan for the tracks and guns does the job of highlighting, only needing a final tan drybrush after the wash to look great. I also made sure to mop the wash off carefully, rather than letting it pool too much. Finally, arabic-indic numerals on the turret side helps to mark the vehicles individually.

I also have a few more vehicles to paint up, including a technical with a bed full of guns. Expect to see them at the end of next month when I’m looking for things easy to finish again.

Little update – Anthalonica Miniatures just finished their Kickstarter. I decided to go in for the ever useful PMC squad, a set of figures that have a habit of turning up anywhere. These guys should be out in August, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turnout.

Photo by Richard Fry,

Perhaps more exciting, I’ve been inspired by some of the work coming from the Modern Miniature Warfare group. These are the Sarissa Alamo buildings that were kickstarted last year before being released as a general product at the start of this year, painted up by Richard Fry as modern compound buildings. Seeing them painted up and ready to game over got me thinking about the pile of buildings I have assembled.

Here are mine. Now, after playing around with the layout with what I had, I started getting a few ideas about what I could do with them. With a few more extra buildings and terrain tiles for more open spaces, I might be able to get a 4ft x 4ft board together for a CQB maze. This would be ideal for a quick demo game, something I haven’t run since Operation Dragon’s Hoard in 2018.

Expect to see some pictures of this as I get work on them – this will be the first step in getting my MDF terrain all textured and painted.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

March 2021 Project Update

Welcome to April! Lets take a look at how things are going.

Project 365

To start, lets take a look at the count.

Painted: 40

British InfantryEmpress36
Chaos Warriors (Underworld)GW4

Purchased: 19

SwashbucklersWargames Foundry12
Keeper of SecretsGW1
Darkoath ChieftanGW1

A good bit of progress! I’ve now managed to paint more models than I’ve bought this year (always a good side of the equation to be on) and made a considerable dent in the Empress WW2 brits. Purchases… well we’ll talk about them in a sec.

I also managed to do enough models above and beyond the target value (31) helping to bring me a little closer to the intended progression. At the moment, I’m only 5 models below the target progression – I could have pushed to actually hit that target this month but honestly, it’s not the point of it. It’s a goal, not a requirement. As another positive, I’ve now hit over 44% of my collection painted, a percentage I haven’t beaten since 2018.

Project WW2

Project WW2 was the key focus of March, especially after the test painting of the month before. And I managed to finish the core platoon of my force! Three infantry sections, a PIAT team, a light mortar team and the two Senior Leaders (NCO and LT), all painted up and based. I’m really happy with how these models have turned out – the painted scheme is glorious muddy and grim, just right for a 1945 force. I’m also really happy I decided to go with the snow bases, helping to offset the darker colours. It’s also impressive to have the force finished – I could now (if the world wasn’t mad) go play a small game of Chain of Command with no extra units.

Finishing the platoon was Phase 1 of my WW2 Brits. Phase 2 is now to paint up the supporting Infantry I currently own, beginning with the senior leadership (and medic) above. The rest of the stuff to work on includes two vickers guns, two radio crew acting as JOPs, SMGs users and a few figures with soft caps I’ve converted. Phase 3 will be me working on my platoon of Churchills and friends. Phase 4 is the end game; there are a few force elements that are missing from the Empress Range (such as the 6pdr crews) that I’m hoping they will release some in the future.

Of course, this month I also ran the numbers on preparing some OPFOR for the Brits. The Empress Volks Gren range is really good looking…

Project Fantasy

I’m rapidly finding myself thinking about and painting up more fantasy figures. WW2 is definitely fun to paint (and I’m really looking forward to playing with the Brits/building up another force) but Fantasy is really filling the niche of fulfilling both interesting things to build/paint and getting my world building/design elements. I’m in the middle of writing up a post on the Chaos Warriors I finished this month, where I actually get to stretch my writing skills.

The big quantity of purchases this month is from Wargames Foundry’s Swashbucklers range. This is mostly due to the fact my Sister expressed an interest in possibly playing some games of soldiers. Based on her interests (and a love for buckling swashes), I decided to pick up these wonderful figures. Along with the three figures in this style from North Star, they will form my Sword Masters, spies/assassins for the empire in my nebulous fantasy setting. Once painted up, and the ruffians 3d printed, there will definitely be some fun games coming.

Also part of this setting is a way to use GW’s Stormcast.

Okay, stop running.

The Stormcast Eternals are definitely aggressively iconic for Age of Sigmar and I hadn’t really found a use for them. However, after seeing some Stormcast painted in a more realistic (i.e. less gold) style, I was suddenly captured by the idea of using them for a Templar like force, aggressively over the top fanatics to go toe to toe with the Chaos Warriors. I’ve also decided to go with exposed head look – it’s definitely among one of the weaker points of my skill set but I did really enjoy working on the head for my Chaos Warrior champion I painted.

Now. I am a simple man. I like little treats. And I set myself a goal that, if I finished my WW2 Brit Platoon, I would start on a nice kit for my fantasy range. Having mentioned my Chaos Lord and his cursed warrior details last time, I decided to push the button and get a model for his patron. The Keeper of Secrets from GW is one of their finest figures, nailing that merger of lethality and beauty. I decided, after a little bit of sweating aggressively, to go for more of the “four armed warrior goddess” rather than the traditional claw arms of Slaanesh demons. The picture above shows the WIP form, stuck together with some white tack. I still have some work to do, mostly with adjusting the left shield arm to cover her chest more. I am really enjoying building this model, and it will definitely be pushing my skillset forward.

Now… I am a little worried that this month is going to shred some of my gains from last month in terms of improving my completed percentage. Games Workshop is going hard on adding vampires to Warhammer fantasy and man, they found my weakness. I was already on board with the four new vampires in the Underworld box (a superb entry for great figures) but then they announced Cursed City, a board game using Games Workship miniatures just dripping with character. I adore the models they have announced, the gothic horror/low fantasy setting spot on for what I love. This is going to be a big chunk of change, but definitely worth it. I’m going to curb my new purchases soon, but I think these vampires (and maybe a few other vampires/undead for fighting in skirmish games) will be in the collection soon.

Project Moderns

I wrote a post in March about some decisions I’ve made regarding how I’m going to be playing my Ultramoderns, stepping away from the real world and into real-world adjacent. You can find more in the post. As for extra work, I’ve done a little bit of development on the aims/rules for the nations, more coming soon.

That’s it for this month’s update, I’ll see you in a month!

#HobbyStreak Day 50

In case you haven’t seen on my Twitter (or have managed to avoid taking part in what can mostly be a hell site), I’ve restarted doing the #hobbystreak. This is where you attempt to do a little bit of hobby every day and keep the streak going. Now, I admit I’m very lucky in being in a situation where I am able to do this – I work from home (at the moment), live by myself and can make it very easy to carve out some time no matter what.

However, I’m really excited to say I managed to hit 50 days! I don’t have a specific target for days I want to hit, I just want to see how far I can keep it rolling.

If you want to follow along, I’ve added a moment with all the streak so far. It’s interesting to see just what I was working on when I started off.