SITREP – All Prep, All the Time

Oh boy, hobby time today was a whole bunch of prep work. Main one was sorting out my scenario for tomorrow (Big Bad fight time!) which is going to be something exciting. As this is a main character, he is going to be an absolute nightmare in combat – hopefully he can mince his way through enough of the bad guys left in the room while the heroes retreat.

The second part was creating more figures for some Necromunda times. We’re onto week 2 of the campaign so some events have kicked off meaning I need some poor citizens of Mercy station to get caught in the crossfire force some restraint. After cursing the games master for not mentioning this, I quickly dived into my anvil STL packages to find some cool civilians and loot crates. Luckily these aren’t needed until Saturday, so a bit of time to paint them and the Regulators up.

Yesterday was also a bit of a mail call (although I didn’t want to distract from finishing off the Big Bad) with some new arrivals from Spectre. The Agents and Criminal Heavies arrived and I was mostly excited!

Alas, not everything was perfect. Rather than going multi-part on the FAL gunner, they instead did one piece with a long protruding barrel. Anyone familiar with Spectre will already be groaning and surprise, surprise, it bent horribly in transit. Honestly, I would have thought that would have been screaming alarm bells during the design phase – a long extended piece protruding from the model, always likely to be damaged (hence why my insurgent leader is without his M4). Even with heating and bending, the 180 degree twist left it with zero strength.

After a little cursing, I decided to cut off the barrel end, drill a hole in the suppressor and fit it to the end. Works perfectly nice, and should reduce how often it gets broken in the future.

No bent barrels, but a look at the agents. These are some nice models and I quite like how the back packs are modular. If you’re wanting to use them as light figures, you may have to do some work to fill in the little hole in the back.

I’ve assembled the group and here they are good to go. I’m pretty happy with the look of them, excited to getting them painted up and on the table. The Agents will end up being various well equipped sneaky people, while the Criminal Heavies look like the kind of bad guys hunting them down. A mix of them in among the regular forces, and you can see the slow motion menacing walk as they approach the heroes, or add some back bone to trained or irregular forces.

I’ll definitely be writing something up on them once I’ve finished painting -as someone in the throes of a Tarkov binge, there are lots of pretty guns on offer among the two teams.

SITREP – ??? Pt3

Well I did it! He’s all painted up. Check below the jump for more details.

The Big Bad guys is painted! I just need to do the basing and then I think he’s done. Will say, I actually painted him in a more traditional style (rather than my usual “basecoat, wash, done”) so putting several layers on the flesh and robes was something new. I’m actually really happy with the final effect – he has the looks of a character about to deliver a villainous monologue with a smirk before destroying the party.

I’m planning for him to be a reoccurring villain, so he and various versions might be popping up in different incarnations.

Also bad news – this is my first model painted this month. So I guess I have some work to do!

SITREP -Necromunda time!

Tonight was the first Necromunda campaign game. A full report will be up tomorrow (hopefully) but it’s safe to say fun was had, lessons learned and OH GOD SO MUCH MDF. I was literally gluing the final pieces together like an hour before it was game on. Really need to actually knuckle down and get it painted and textured up.

Full post tomorrow.

SITREP – The Final Few Buildings

Spent tonight preparing for tomorrow’s Necromunda game (partially – was filled with the urge to play Escape from Tarkov for some reason) but also building a few more Adobe buildings that will be the board. Yes technically not the underhive but still fits the close quarters idea.

The four on the right are the new ones. The pile in the centre are the others. And I have two more to assemble. Can’t ever say I do things by halves.

This has illuminated how much of this range I have, and I think it’s time to actually start getting it painted up and play with it. Plan this time will be chinchilla dust and a few extra details (mostly for the modern look) before spraying black for undercoat, zandari dust for base coat before applying the dry brush and detail. Should be fun, and I have a 3d printer waiting to provide all the extra touches

SITREP – Buildings (and Tiny Buildings)

So there I was, planning to paint up my Hive Scum when I suddenly realised I needed to get a board together for my Necromunda game on Wednesday. Previous, we’d played on a regular skirmish board which was fun but this time I’m tempted to try something a little closer to the tunnel scraps that Necromunda is designed for in some ways. I don’t have an industrial set, but I do have a load of these adobe compounds from Sarissia. By assembling the rest of them, I think I have a big enough board for a scrap. Will finish the rest off tomorrow and see how many extra spacer tiles I need.

I’m actually thinking of trying to get them painted up this month. I think I have enough rattle cans. it will just need some little additions to add to the street scene and ready for some street clearing.

However, that wasn’t the only buildings I was playing around with today. I also took a look at some of Lazy Forger’s Medina buildings that I’ve mentioned previous. Really impressed with the models, they printed nicely out the box (although I’m seeing some issues on vertical surfaces down to my print setup that I need to investigate). Once I have a few of these together, I think I’ll have all the bits needed to get some 6mm on the table.

SITREP – Hive Scum Pt 3

All the scum are assembled and painting is begun. I was planning on getting more done but ended up having to do other things in the evening.

I also tried to go write the cards for my band of “Regulators” but alas, Yaktribe was having issues. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.

Also I did my monthly update, only a third of my way into the month. Whoops.

SITREP – Hive Scum Pt2

Busy day playing RPGs and board games for a friend’s birthday event but managed to assemble the other three Vigilantes for Necromunda. More Anvil parts – the welder mask I particularly like was lurking in the D-Day release. Gave them a mix of light and cheap weapons, so hopefully it’s easy to squeeze a group of them into a game.

Tomorrow I’m going to start painting them, as well as making up the statlines and names for each.