Wargaming Week 08/06/2020

A new week beginning, lots of events going on in the world that I’ll admit I’ve found hard to take my eyes off. I’d like to echo the start of last week’s update –  Listen to those in need, to those who are hurting and have had enough, try to help if you can, stand with them if you are able.

Post wise, two more SITREPs of WIP stuff. I’m really excited about both, but the Enforcers have been especially fun to assemble. I’m looking forward to more parts arriving, mainly so I can finish the squad off and begin painting all of them.


Right, let’s start off the news with perhaps the most relevant at the moment. I realise people find it very easy to be suspicious of companies posting images of text on twitter whenever real-world events. With the current events in the United States, there has been a whole pile of them. For Wargamers, the big one to see is Games Workshop putting their foot forward – and frankly, it’s a great step to see.

I’m not going to say this much but let’s make it very clear: If you don’t agree with their statement, then sadly this isn’t the blog for you.

Also speaking of Games Workshop, this week see the pre-orders for the next wave of Aeronautica Imperialis. And seeing as this wave adds the Valkyries and Vultures of the Imperial Guard, the models I jumped into the game to collect, I’m about to get very busy.

Back in the modern-day setting, Empress has released a new version of the Danger Close rules, previously covered in the grand comparison. This new update, as well as fixing some issues, also adds two elements I explicitly mentioned as missing in the first review – air support and vehicles. Based on the games they have been running on the Empress Facebook page, this update looks very promising.


Seeing as the Valkyries cometh, I need to get my starter set finished before I allow myself to pick up any more boxes of tiny planes. The other imperial aircraft are designed to be part of a tactical air wing, but these bombers will be from a different squadron. Rather than fancy camo schemes, these will be tan with markings. And because the other aircraft are subdued, these guys are going to be slightly garish, relying on their firepower over camouflage.

I took last week off the painting, but this week I will be back and finishing this guy – the Spectre Insurgent MMG gunner. He’s be painted up as a support gunner for my Bazi SF team, so one last figure in three colour desert and then we can get back to other camo schemes.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 01/06/2020

June? Hard to believe honestly. Especially with the news in the world around us. I’m not going to preach from the soapbox, especially as a lot of people are using hobbies as a way of escaping the madness of the real world and I am but one blog writer on the internet, but now is an important time to have some empathy. Listen to those in need, to those who are hurting and have had enough, try to help if you can.

As for a personal update, the new season of Call of Duty starts this week (so expect some updates on the inspiration) and I’ve actually been slowly getting ready to play a game. More details below.

As I said last week, you’ll be seeing lots of small posts during the week. Now the Bazi Royal Guard are done, expect an impressions piece soon.


Remember the Knights of Dice Compounds from last week? Well Viv works fast and we already have two designs finished. Definitely a good looking setup, I’m very interested in seeing what they are like (and maybe fighting over them).

On top of that, Knights of Dice have also been working on some door! Now their Tabula Rasa range (of which I have too much) has been designed as basic shells, minus doors, windows and other details. I have slowly been preparing to assemble them although with that slight worry about how much I have to do. However, having some doors available (and they do look pretty good) would be very handy.


So you may have noticed that despite finishing the Bazi Royal Guard, I am missing a figure. The infamous knife man. I’ve decided that his equipment and head are really off putting. So rather than simply having a strange knife man running around, I’m instead going to do some conversion work, making him into a vehicle commander for Gage Commando. As you can see, I’ve already chopped him in half. The next stage is going to be adjusting his arms and replacing the head with para head from the Warlord Games sprue. I’ll also add a green stuff tweak to add a headset. It’s probably a lot of work, but I think it’s a perfect add-on to make such a force up.

Speaking of conversion work, I’ve started assembling my Necromunda gang. As said before, I’m making an enforcer gang, but rather than going with the usual clean look, I’m instead going for a little bit more of a rougher, “Mercs in Space” look. For this, I’m going to be going mad with the extra bits, while also using Anvil Industry’s heads for a rougher/tougher look. I’m going to do a full SITREP on them soon, but here are the first two!

Finally, I’m starting to get a game together. After picking up Battlespace, and doing a read through, I’m really excited to try it out. The card based system, the core mechanics, all of it sounds like a good setup. It also doesn’t require a massive table which is a nice addition.

I also think it might be a cool thing to run on a stream. The only downside is that I need to setup a camera system (and run the streaming software) all of which currently require my PC (which is in a separate room). I might be able to bring my current gaming table into that room to play but I’ll need to experiment. Watch this space.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

I’m planning to stream on Wednesday. Not 100% what I’ll be working on but it will be interesting!

Wargaming Week 25/05/2020

Well, we’re still in lockdown and I’m still mostly stuck in my house, playing Call of Duty and occasionally painting some models (when I’m not working).

Big new thing I’m trying out – going to be starting to do more short-form articles than waiting to make giant ones. Mostly because I’m bored of seeing just “Wargaming Week” pop up in the “Recent Posts” tab and also because I want to write more for this place. So going forward, you’re going to see less in the update section and more up here, where I’ll embed the last week’s posts to show off what I’ve been working on.


Battlespace, a solo ultramodern game from Table Salt Gaming Designs is now out! Seeing as it looks right up my alley, I decided to pick it and give it a go. It’s pretty reasonably priced, the rules seem pretty interesting and I love the concept behind it. The book’s forces are insurgents vs US Army, and I’m looking forward to seeing just what it’s like… once I print off this pile of cards needed for it.

Empress is back up and beginning the new releases train – first up, the rest of the ANZAC Vietnam range. In addition to the SLR armed releases earlier in the year, these new packs add the required support options and command packs, such as figures with M16s, others with Owen guns (mostly for your scouts) and naturally the M60 for putting the fire down. Having just rewatched the film “Danger Close” (and the better documentary on Long Tan) I’m trying very hard to not start up a new theatre.

Big news for regular wargaming world, Warhammer 40k is getting a 9th edition. I’m including the CGI video above (because it does a pretty good job of getting people hype) but actually I’m quite excited to see how things are advancing in the world of Games Workshop. Although I’m not always a fan of the rules (I find the disconnect between lore and tabletop capabilities a little too wide) I do love the storylines they create and their model designers are top-notch. I actually have some 40k figures (thanks to some second-hand sales) so you might see an army being constructed, and maybe even some get some games in (depending on how the rules changes are)!

Finally, Knights of Dice (partially inspired by the release of Battlespace) are making new Tabula Rasa compound to be stormed. It’s a really nice looking setup but like all Tabula Rasa kits will need the extra details adding. No mention of a release date, but one to keep an eye on.


Speaking of Games Workshop, I’ve decided to enter the world of Necromunda. One of the group of friends back down in the north of England was just setting up for a Necromunda campaign when the lockdown begun. Seeing as I am now with reach of them, I thought I might join in once we’re able to meet in small groups. Of course, before that I’ll need a gang. And being the kind of person I am, it was time for some heavily armed enforcers to kick in the door. I’m not doing them as normal enforcers though – instead, I’m going to do them up as a private group of contract lawmen. So swap a few heads, add a few extra details and then get ready to beat up some low hive scum.

Speaking of arrival, my copy of Root and it’s expansions FINALLY turned up. I was a little worried as this was supposed to arrive before my move to Leeds but luckily my address change went through. I’m very excited to get a game of this in, but even if it takes a while, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the glorious little meeples in it.

Finally, my Modern Warfare addiction continues. And with a new skin released for my main Allegiance operator Bale, I think I have a camo scheme for my Russian SSO operators from Spectre. It’s really cool to see a new modern style Russian skin that isn’t just multicam.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 20/05/2020

A little delayed this week, had some trouble finding the time to sit down and get this update written. And shockingly, there is actual news to cover!

Before that though, tonight on Twitch I’ll be taking a look at the Militia Miniatures Republican Guard figures and getting them painted up as the Bazi Royal Guard, perfect for stomping the little guys.


First up, Empress are releasing a charity figure to add to the WW2 range. This female nurse figure is up on the store now as a pre-release, with proceeds from her going to the NHS charity here in the UK. As it’s a Paul Hicks sculpt, it looks pretty lovely so I will definitely be taking a look.

Table Salt Gaming Designs, who I think I have mentioned on here once before, are days away from releasing a rather interesting set of rules, based on the description. Solo and ultra-modern seems like the perfect thing to be released round about now, so expect me to take a look at it when it comes out.

In slightly sadder news, and as something that should shock no one, Historicon 2020 is not going ahead this year. The organisers have decided, based on the current worldwide situation that it would not be a good idea. Additionally, Gencon has also cancelled. I have to admit, at the way things are going, probably safe to assume there will be no major gatherings of wargamers this year. Perhaps Fiasco in October but even then I’m not sure on that…

However, in better news, the Mastiff is finally coming! White Dragon Miniatures took to the live stream last Thursday to show off the upcoming release. This massive MRAP is definitely one I’d love to add to my force (even if it’s technically in the wrong scale for my collection) and it’s safe to say that Alan at WDM has knocked it out the park with this one. Even down to daring to do the stand-off armour around the edges. Release should be soon and, although it’s going to be asking for a centre-piece price for it, I will definitely be getting one.


Well, I did some painting! The main reason for doing these twitch streams is finally coming into effect as I am getting a reasonable rate of having something finished each week. As in the last session, I managed to get my pair of adventurers from Hasslefree. I need to do a few little touches to them (cleaning up the Agrax from the base) but they were great fun to plan out and then paint with everyone.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 11/05/2020

Welcome back, to a new Wargaming Week!


New update from Empress – they are working on a version two of their two page ruleset “Danger Close” to add vehicles and aircraft. This will double the ruleset size up to four but should also make it more interesting for anyone slowly building up a collection of Empress’s products. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, ready to update the comparison doc when it releases.


Lichen! As part of my terrain building efforts, I’ve been picking up elements I’ve previously not needed before. Trees came first, but now it’s more rough ground cover for scrub brush. Ideal for concealment, this should help to make some of my boards “pop” a little more.

Wednesday’s stream saw me finishing these guys off – five more USMC guys for the collection all ready to go. You can also see the effects of the light box I picked up, which should make all my painting look slightly more passable.

Friday night saw me sit down with a few beers on a zoom call and start painting some of my WW2 British, inspired perhaps a little bit by it being VE Day. I only managed to get the first two layers done (and a few pieces of flesh) but I’m already pretty excited to be working on them. Amazing what a few colours can do!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 04/05/2020

Bit of a short post this week – nothing much new to report. That said, a few places are reaching the point where they might come back online, so maybe we’ll see some more news and even releases soon?

Personal news, going to be back streaming again this Wednesday! Plan is to take a look at some USMC, either applying the final stages of camo on current set or beginning anew on the next fireteam. Same time as last week, starting at 8pm UK and going for two and a bit hours (or until we get bored).


Not grabbing the news stories for this, seeing as they are short, but Games Workshop and Perry Miniatures are both back online and ready to ship out orders to people. As with other companies that have remained open, both are running a little slower than usual and may have limited stock. But it is a good sign to see people finding ways to safely continue business and keep running.


As everyone who joined in the stream saw, I finish off the Baba Yaga model from Spectre, in a slightly different colour scheme. I’m also seeing him as a different character – Alexios Jonhnovich, freelance intelligence agent and fixer down in Aden.

I had decided on the light tan suit when I first picked the model (wanting something different from the usual black suited John Wick) but it was chat that suggested the pink shirt to go with it. I really like the overall look and can’t wait to get him into a scenario.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 27/04/2020

The Isolation continues! I took the last few weeks off as my motivation and brain took a crash and really couldn’t focus on anything hobby related. Instead, I’ve been working and playing video games. But, I have decided to come back and try a new thing.


Yep. Streaming. Having picked up a webcam and kit for working from home, I’ve decided it might be a nice idea to set some time set aside for hobby. And what better way to do it than sharing with others!

The plan is to start at around 20:00 UK time and will be around 2 hours or so as I slowly paint the Baba Yaga model from Spectre and be around to chat/share in my awful taste in music. You can find me online at https://www.twitch.tv/chargedog2150 and I can’t wait to see how this experiment goes! I’ll also post something here when I start going, with it embedded so you can watch it here.


Not much news but something cool from Spectre – Zombie rules! Perfect for playing solo or using your operators for something different than military operations. From my quick read through, I think these rules are a great addition – Spectre has shown it’s use as a toolbox for a selection of scenarios so, in addition to action heroes and aliens, zombies are a nice touch.

Additionally, Spectre are offering up gift vouchers on their store. With the whole COVID-19 causing havoc throughout the supply chain (and Spectre’s stock situation already not great), letting people pick up cash to spend once things are sorted out is great. On the other hand, they have also decided to shut down their store for now – with their caster not working due to isolation there is no more metal arriving for them to sell. Because of this, the site is looking pretty bare, with only the gift cards and book available. I’m going to admit, it’s not a great look, but fingers crossed it all works out.

They also had a little deal on over the Salute weekend (which has now expired) which was bringing back all the exclusive models from previous years. As someone who owned all these models, my wallet very much enjoyed not being taken for a ride (in fact it was mostly safe over that weekend). This was also a pre-order, with deliveries happening later in the year.

Also, the Miniature Building Authority is in process on a new Kickstarter, the second stage of their Shantytown. As well as some really impressive buildings, they are also working on some exclusive mats from Cigar Box. The wide winding river is some perfect setup, and I’ll admit I am getting some pretty severe terrain envy from that layout.

Empress has also revealed some crew for it’s upcoming PBR kit. These crew may seem familiar if you’ve spent 3 hours slowly watching someone on screen mirror your own descent into madness. I really like the look of them, seeing as I have a weak spot for troops dressed in non-regulation ways. Releases coming once we escape the lockdown.


So my paint storage solution is… messy. It’s a drawer full of paints, that I delve into whenever I go hunting for paint. Basically it’s crap. So I picked up a rack from Sarissa Precision. My plan is to use it as a “ready rack”, keeping paints I’m currently working on nicely stacked up, as well as stopping figures sprawling out over the tabletop. I really like the MDF kit, but left off the brush holders on the side as I use my wet pallette for that.

I also got Sarissa’s book with that order as well. This is written by March Attack, whose work on the Sarissa kits I’ve followed for a long time. Additionally, I also have a pile of kits, so getting some infomation and updates would be handy. I haven’t read it too deeply but there are already tactics and techniques I’m planning to use on my pile of MDF kits.

I also got the new fangled spray stick out and gave it a go. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it! Sure, it’s perhaps a little over-engineered, but if you want a stable stick to spray things on without the mess of blue-tack and wood, this is the way to go. It is definitely designed for the GW style of bases, meaning the rubber bands on smaller, penny style bases need to sit over the top rather than around. But, definitely worth using!

One of my projects I’ve been really looking forward to getting done is my late war Brits for Chain of Command. Well, with the final support element I was needing finally released (the Vickers teams), its time to actually focus on it. So I broke out the models I have already, the Platoon list for the British Infantry and got to working.

With my current collection, I have a full infantry platoon. Additionally, there is a second PIAT team, an additional Bren team, an additional senior leader, four sten gun troopers, a sniper and a piper (or adjutant). With an additional infantry team from the Warlord Games Winter British Infantry box as well, this definitely gives me a few options. All I’m really missing is some HMGs (because Brens can’t outshoot MG42s) and a 6 pounder AT gun. Seeing as Empress haven’t released the crew for that gun yet, picking up a pair of Vickers (as well as more riflemen to act as crew) was the next step.

And then they arrived! Along with a few other things. Thanks to the Outpost, I managed to get some additional Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. I did realise my painting style pretty much depends on them, so starting a new project with no resupply seemed like a poor idea. I also managed to get a physical copy of Contact Front, thanks to Elhiem Figures, ready for it’s addition to my master post of modern wargaming rules. The box is really nicely done, and I was already interested in the rules since reading the original PDF I purchased. More details soon.

The other thing to arrive this week (after a rather long trip) is my Black Powder Red Earth hypernotes. This is sort of a lore book for the next group of BPRE comics, taking place in a North African state. It’s a nicely presented book, although I am a little disappointed with the reference section being of equal length to the narrative. But I guess that is the glorious art you come for. I’m going to write up a little something on it later I think, as well as maybe showing it off in the stream on Wednesday.

Finally trees. As I previously played at a wargames club, switching to having a home setup means I need to invest in a lot of things that previously just lived in a magical box. Trees and shrubs have been one thing. After grabbing some trees off ebay, this layout is already looking better. I’m going to add a few tweaks to them, mostly to stop them looking uniform and a bit more “desert highland” which is where they are being used for.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 07/04/2020

The sun might be coming out in the UK but isolation will continue. Despite being home, the hobby energy is still a little low – mostly because I’m playing a ton of Modern Warfare as this season of content comes to an end. I’m definitely going to write a post or two about that game – there is plenty to steal for a possible wargamer.

But enough about that, lets talk about wargames.


News is running out as companies start to lockdown. Empress did, however, manage to get a limited release out. And it’s definitely one a lot of fans will have been looking for – the ANZAC Centurion tank. Perfect for crushing it’s way through the undergrowth to clear a path for your Diggers, it’s a lovely looking kit. I’m a big fan of just how much stowage they included. Seeing as everyone and their mothers used the Centurion, it can definitely be on other battlefields, perhaps with a little more sand. Sadly, if you’re wanting one and didn’t order you’re going to be waiting a little bit – the first run has sold out, and restock may not arrive until after lockdown finishes.


I finished doing some painting! Here we have the first fireteam of my USMC figures all painted up and ready to go. Now I’ll be the first to say, the camo is really designed to give the impression of MARPAT rather than being 1 to 1. However, I think it does a good enough job from 3ft away. It is also a pattern I can paint at a reasonable pace (if I put my mind to it) so expect me to keep on working on these guys. I currently have enough for a full squad of US Marines (using the old TOE with 13 marines) with a few additional supporting elements such as SMAW gunners so I have plenty to be getting on with.

Seeing as I’m going to have a little more time for painting, I decided to grab a few supplies to make it a little easier. Mainly, after having to keep swapping models between handles while doing the fireteam, I picked up two more normal handles (now in red) so I can do the full group of four figures on handles at the same time. On top of that, the large size handle is perfect for the larger based figures, such as the jumping off points for Chain of Command or, as above, the prone figures that Empress like to include in all its ranges.

Less cool but good for the long term – brush soap. Not much else to say about it, other than it definitely helps.

Finally, with my time at home, I’ve continued working on my own ruleset I’ve been playing around with. It’s not quite ready for showing off just yet, but the short form is it’s taking a few mechanics I’ve loved in other games, adding a few ideas I’ve had about making characters feel like individuals and then putting it into a package that should be relatively quick to pickup and get playing. More details coming when I finish writing it and start testing it further. Based on the current situation, you might even see some solo-play rules for it!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!