Fantasy – Ser Godric of the North

I thought I was done with painting Chaos Warriors. I thought I’d had my fill of the black armoured bastards, the fridge sized units that are one of the best designed things Games Workshop have come up with. I’ve painted the Underworlds band, I painted both the classic design and the newer one (that still needs a separate release) and I even painted a limited edition one after doing mod work to it. Sure, there were some Chaos Warriors I had missed out – the Exalted Heroes which are made of finecast and probably not worth my time preparing or even painting for how much bullshit I’ll have to deal with (even if the Crom the Conqueror model does give me some massive flashbacks to seeing his figure being released in White Dwarf all those years ago) and the limited edition Slambo figure already has a call back from the Underworld’s band that does it better and more in keeping with the current range.

And then while walking around Warhammer World, I spotted… Him

SITREP – Intro’ing Rangers of Shadow Deep

I managed to get all the terrain painted up in time for the scenario! It may have been a little frantic to get it finished off and roll up some Rangers by the end. That said, I’m still really happy with how useful the 3d printer is – getting those barricades printed and painted took …

SITREP – And now for something, Completely Different

I just wanted to shout out to everyone reading along with these posts (I’m seeing the pleasing bump in my stats) – I’m having a really fun time writing semi-regular updates and it’s much more fun than throwing together a tweet. One little change to them going forward, I’m going to be setting them to …