Battle Report: Operation Kinder– Ultramodern Chain of Command

With my work on Ultramodern Chain of Command continuing, as well as campaign in the planning, I would need to recruit some additional players. Luckily, I have a former housemate/Delaque player to recruit. Of course, recruiting a new player to game is always interesting, especially as his other tabletop experience had been entirely Games Workshop … Continue reading Battle Report: Operation Kinder– Ultramodern Chain of Command

SITREP: Hint Dropping

Hmm, this blog has been far too quiet this week, maybe I need to drop a hint about that I'm working on... Okay that's less a hint and more of a preview. But expect a post soon about some of these fine figures from White Dragon Miniatures. It's actually been a nice change, jumping around … Continue reading SITREP: Hint Dropping

SITREP – Rules and Platoons!

Well I do love a good contents page don't I? A lot of time has been spent digging through various conversions of Chain of Command these last few weeks, trying to arrange together some information to be used to make up a set of changes to move Chain of Command into the Ultramodern era. I'll … Continue reading SITREP – Rules and Platoons!

SITREP – The Prince’s Private Army Pt.1

It's taken me a little time (I was distracted by all sorts of fantasy things) but I've finally finished off the first three Criminal Element Heavies from Spectre. As mentioned previously, these guys are going to be used as another Special Forces team in the Bazi Empire. While the Insurgent PMC I've done previously look … Continue reading SITREP – The Prince’s Private Army Pt.1

Fantasy – Ser Godric of the North

I thought I was done with painting Chaos Warriors. I thought I'd had my fill of the black armoured bastards, the fridge sized units that are one of the best designed things Games Workshop have come up with. I've painted the Underworlds band, I painted both the classic design and the newer one (that still needs a separate release) and I even painted a limited edition one after doing mod work to it. Sure, there were some Chaos Warriors I had missed out - the Exalted Heroes which are made of finecast and probably not worth my time preparing or even painting for how much bullshit I'll have to deal with (even if the Crom the Conqueror model does give me some massive flashbacks to seeing his figure being released in White Dwarf all those years ago) and the limited edition Slambo figure already has a call back from the Underworld's band that does it better and more in keeping with the current range. And then while walking around Warhammer World, I spotted... Him

Impressions: Black Powder Red Earth 28mm

Oh boy. It's been a long time since I've looked at rulesets, even longer since I've written my impressions on them. So why not kick it off with something that has been eagerly awaited? For a long time, there has been a lot of discussion about a tabletop game from Black Powder Red Earth. Keen … Continue reading Impressions: Black Powder Red Earth 28mm

Wargaming Week 27/07/2020

It's a new week, time for a new update! Not much hobby done as I spent a chunk of last week fixing the website again. I wrote a little bit about what has been changed up on my Twitter (and warning about what I think caused them). Fingers crossed this is the last time … Continue reading Wargaming Week 27/07/2020

Wargaming Week 19/07/2020

Another week, another update. You might have noticed some more posts are missing images. Looks like the gremlins have got back into the system and something is removing files from my uploads folder - the price of running a blog install for 10+ years. I'm going to spend some time hunting through it, making sure … Continue reading Wargaming Week 19/07/2020

Wargaming Week 13/07/2020

Another week, another update. Managed to get some time aside to start painting four more US Marines. I was going to try and get more done this weekend but it was one of those weekends where the motivation dives into the toilet. NEWS Flytrap Factory are working on some cool 3D models of … Continue reading Wargaming Week 13/07/2020

Wargaming Week 06/07/2020

Time for a new update! Not much in hobby news so today is mostly a news post. NEWS Empress are continuing their work to bring all the HLBS vehicles in house. This week sees two interesting vehicles for the Brits - the Warthog and Viking. These AFVs are perfect for fighting in Afghanistan, as … Continue reading Wargaming Week 06/07/2020

Wargaming Week 22/06/2020

Another week in Lockdown, time for a new update! Two more SITREPs this week, and I have another in-progress covering my Dark Eldar character. More details coming soon also for the Enforcers (who I've also slowly been working on). NEWS Lots of new releases from Knights of Dice down under - 15 … Continue reading Wargaming Week 22/06/2020