AAR: Street Fight

This is a repost of an AAR I did on the now defunct Skirmish Sangin forum. It was one of the first Skirmish Sangin games I played and I want to preserve it.

Elite NCO with Assault Rifle
Veteran with Assault Rifle, UGL and shotgun
Average with GPMG
Average with SAW

Veteran Corporal with Assault Rifle
Veteran with Assault Rifle, UGL and shotgun
Average with SAW
Average Sharpshooter with DMR (sniper rifle that does 3d10 damage)

All ISAF had standard body armour and 1 frag grenade each.

Warlord with AK
3 Novices with AK
5 Averages with AK
3 Veterans with PKM
2 Veterans with RPG

ISAF started on the far side of a canal while the taliban was spread out in a selection of building and small enclosed fields. ISAF managed to down the RPG gunners pretty sharpish. The PKM gunners managed to get some suppression down while let the other fighters push into the buildings and get the high ground. The British managed to whittle down more fighters when they were in the open (including two who ran across the entire board to start threating one of the fireteams.

However, the Taliban got a few lucky shots in at the end of the game. One of the SAW gunners got suppressed and started to retire. His squad leader stood up on one of the roof tops for mere moments before a PKM burst took him down (only one points off a complete KIA). The sight of this caused the fleeing SAW gunner to leave the table entirely. As time ran out, both sides had been pretty mauled.

End Result
Taliban: 7 KIA, 1 MIA
ISAF: 1 Critically Wounded, 1 MIA

Learning Points
1. I need to make/buy some appropriate scenery. Currently the board really ruins the feel of the game.
2. If you have special things (like Ratlines) remember to use them. A tunnel would have let me get up close and personal faster.
3. When playing as the Taliban, get in close. You’ll always have superior numbers so mobbing them at close range works best. Also being close stops them using UGLs
4. Novices are cheap bullet shields
5. Grenade launchers are still a threat

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