Longshore Lockdown – Introduction

Image from Dreadquill

It is the end times! A pox has swept the docks of Mercy Longshore. Industry and trade have ground to a halt, and the scum of Mercy’s underdecks have floated to the surface to take advantage of the chaos. The Great Houses of Syracuse demand the trade through Mercy Longshore flows again, and have issued legions of fearsome Shimazu Enforcers to impose their will on the space port.

Will you side with the Great Houses to enforce the law on Mercy, or will you take advantage of the misrule and take what you can?

Campaign Brief

It’s finally here! The Necromunda Campaign mentioned back in the before-times has begun. A Law and Misrule campaign spread over 7 weeks, the campaign sees me going up against a collection of old university friends (wrangled by Mr Dreadquill from that blog with all the pretty words and minis) in Games Workshop’s second most unbalanced gang game (Now fight for which one is the most).

I decided to go with the Enforcers. However, Mercy Longshore already has it’s law enforcement, the dreaded Shimazu Enforcers. For this reason, I decided to make my Enforcers into the McNespy Private Security Agency, named for a past Dark Hersey character who pulled off some shenanigans. This Private Security Agency had been brought in by some of the private citizens of the station, who decided that the local boys weren’t up for the job. Hopefully the collection of misfits in green flak will be good enough to bring order to the chaos… or at least redirect the chaos elsewhere.

As the campaign begins, you’re assigned a Racket to act as your income/provide bonuses. At first, I rolled up the Witch Seeking racket (every melee weapon gets the shock bonus), until my GM pointed out all my melee weapons already have the shiny blue glow. A quick re-roll and I ended up with… Life Coin Exchange. One free bounty hunter in every game. Very handy for someone who has a model for the chain smoking Eldar version of Doc Ock, especially as the combination of gear and skills I rolled up is a terrifying prospect.

Good thing I got her because rolling up 1000 creds of Enforcers is an experience. Each enforcer comes with at least flak armour and an armoured undersuit, as well as stub pistol. This makes them on the more expensive end for individuals but does give you a pretty chonky baseline. The Subjugators are even better, the Layered Flak adding even more fun to the party.

How the gang looks after game 1 (the only difference from the start is XP)
How the bounty hunter and Captain look after game 1 (the only difference from the start is XP)

also ignore the XP on the bounty hunter, it’s reset after every game I’m just interested in seeing how much she gains

As for the gear, I went for a 50/50 mix of Subjugators and Palanite, with each group getting a champion and two enforcers. For the Subjugators, the goal was a phalanx of armoured shields to take the brunt, with a grenade launcher to add some firepower. The Palanite was to be a bit more varied, taking a Concussion Carbine and Shotgun for their effects, as well as the Captain being from that type. The final ganger was more of a stand-in, bringing the points up to a solid 1000.

One thing I was immediately aware of when i assembled my gang was that I was really low on numbers. 7 core fighters is well below the ideal 10, and it will get worse once the injuries kick in. Luckily the campaign house rule allows for some allies to be called in if you’re under the target numbers for a scenario – I now just have to make them. I’m sure nothing bad will come of not having some gangers hanging around…

My main rival, mostly because he lives the closest to me, is one of my former housemates. Now however, he has prepared his own gang of sneaky trenchcoated folk. We played an intro game back in August, where the Delaque managed to take out an informer with ease as well as generally causing havoc so it will be interesting to see how it goes – I can see the pair of us learning to play each other’s lists well, but maybe struggling once other gangs (including a vastly more numerous Cawdor gang up beside the Tyne that I think most people are concerned about).

I’m really looking forward to this campaign. I’m expecting it will not be the smoothest progression, with a bit of a learning streak, but it will be a nice chance to meet up with people and get some games in.

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