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One of the perks I’m offering to the backers of my Patreon is access to the scenario files of Battle Reports going forward. I spend a lot of time writing each one, especially when I was playing at the club and wanted each player to feel like they were controlling a proper force, rather than simply what I threw together.

There is a post on the Patreon with a few more details on what these new scenario files will be like and I’ve included it’s content below

I mentioned in the pitch for this Patreon that you’ll be provided the scenarios for any battle report I run on the blog post that I created. Well, here is a sneak peek of what those scenario files are going to look like, from a proof of concept I am writing using the old scenario “Training Day” which I played back in 2018 (the battle report is here)

As you can see, each scenario file has a lot of extra information in it that you don’t see in the battle report but can help to run the game for yourself. A few are new (I didn’t previously write all of the situation down) but I get a lot of fun out of writing these down. In addition, I’ll be updating many of these scenarios to cover both Skirmish Sangin and Spectre Operations. Not every scenario will get this (for example if it was a platoon vs platoon level of engagement) but that’s the plan.

I’m quite excited about the possibility of Modification Cards. These are inspired partially by having played a ton of Necromunda, but also as a new way to play existing missions. How different would it be if different equipment had been used, or a different time of day? Maybe an unusual situation that takes important gear offline?

Preview: Scenario Writing

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