SITREP – Winter Churchills

In preparation for tomorrow’s Big CoC game, I needed to get my Churchill tanks painted up and ready. As my British Infantry are designed for late World War 2 mud snow and horrible times, so must my tanks match the colour scheme. I originally had planned to just do them in green and then add some snow effect; this could have been a good plan but honestly, I needed them ready for tomorrow and frankly I trust my ability to white wash a vehicle over the greens more than playing around with snow powders.

I also had some bad times with the spray cans I used on these vehicles, probably from spraying in less than ideal conditions – I ended up with a cracked base layer and a green top layer sticky to the touch. Luckily, them looking slightly beaten up is not too bad. I also realised that one of the hulls has tracks on the wrong way round, which about matches up to my temperament back when I assembled it. I’ll admit, these Warlord Games Churchills are not my favourite kits – if and when Rubicon do their Churchills, I might be tempted to upgrade.

For tomorrow though, they will be plenty useful. I can’t wait to see the full platoon in action.

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