SITREP – Big Printing Pt.3 – Typhoon

Well I finallly did it – I finally a printed the Typhoon MRAP. This is was on of the vehicles on my wishlist when I was looking at the bigger printer, inspired mostly by my trips to Tarkov. But with the real vehicle being 9m long, it was way too big to print on the Mars (even with some acrobatics on the build plate). However, the Saturn’s build volume is more than long enough to fit the chassis and I was lucky enough to receive the STLs made by Guaro3d as a birthday present.

There was some fun times with scaling on the model file – most of the Guaro3d vehicles are in 1/64 scale and so I applied the usual rescaling. However, after finishing printing I realised it was way WAY smaller than it should be. After double checking the file, I realised I was working from an incorrect base scale and so went to the original dimensions to scale it myself.

Thanks to the print bed size, I was able to print it relatively flat, saving time and leaving the rear detailing relatively untouched by supports (which were mostly autogenerated via Chitubox). I also printed it hollow, with several large holes in the underside to help it fully drain. This hollowing also helped to reduce how much resin I was using, meaning this vehicle is “only” about £6 for the chassis.

As you can see, this thing is HUGE, really showing it’s truck heritage. I’m really happy I’m able to print vehicles at this size, as it opens up a whole selection of elements that cpould be added as both playing pieces but also as additional scenery.

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