SITREP: A Little bit of Playtesting

Thanks to the Easter break, my Dastardly regular opponent found himself with some free time on a Tuesday evening. Which for me meant it was time to finally get some playtesting of my fantasy rules in. I’ve mentioned them a little bit but this was the first time we actually got it onto a board, getting a chance to try out all the features.

And so far, it works! The core functionality, the basic dice rolling engine seems to work well – we both had fun with the combat and I personally felt it had that imagination firing effect that I wanted. There is however still some tweaks to do – the main system of fatigue is a little overkill for the moment and some of the fight results need changing to actually feel satisfying.

Next step, I need to show it to my sister and see if it’s the type of game she’ll want to play (which is the whole aim with it). After that, then it’s going to appear on the Patreon as I work through the updates, just in case you want to see how it develops.

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