SITREP: All Quiet on the Hobby Front

Hey everyone! So the blog has been a little quiet in June – I didn’t intend for it to be quite so quiet, it just worked out this way. First up, I had a week on holiday down in Devon, seeing family and being completely detached from the tiny mans (except some Lego building with my nephew). Getting away was good and I even managed to plan out a few upcoming things.

Second, I’m in the middle of a potential upheaval that might impact some hobby time in the coming months. More details when it actually goes through but I’m very excited about it. Downside, it does leave me ending a lot of days with not much energy in the painting tank (been playing a lot of Fortnite as the pretty colours/well designed characters please my tired, tired brain).

That said, I have managed to do some hobby! As I started before I left on holiday, my Shurta test figures are now all done! I’m happy with the colour scheme I’ve come up with, requiring only a few colours, washes and some makeup brushes for the final touch ups. With four down, time to take a look at the rest. Expect some more details soon…

I’ve also got more 3d printing pieces out – Probably the main thing is Spectre’s STL releases. This is something I really want to take a look at (partially because i want to get the video up).

Overall – I’m not dead! Expect to see a few cool things coming soon!

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