July 2022 Update – Counter-Intel, Remote Gaming and Dark Elves

It’s the end of a new month and we’re now entering August.

In the real world I’m in the stages of buying a house, having entered the stage of “Solicitors send letters to decide on legal things” which means there is a lot of hurry up and wait. I’ve already started packing some things away that I’m not using a huge amount (such as my airbrush and spray booth). This also means that Mars Pro has taken a little nap as it’s prepared to move. On the plus side, turning it off does give me plenty of time to redo the FEPs on the pile of tanks I have for it, giving them a good clean before packing them away.

But also hey, I managed to do some hobby things!

Spectre Things… Again

Ah damn it.

So, half way through the month I was in the process of writing a very snarky and annoyed article about how Spectre Miniatures is doing in the Year of our Lord 2022. Between the QC issues with the published models, slow down of releases, a patreon that seemed to have slightly misfired and annoyed everyone, and finally topped up by releasing the Origin 12 armed model above that looked very similar to the Delta model in the welcome pack. At which point, my key fault as a writer (being easily distracted from writing long posts by birds fluttering outside) meant that by the time I was even close to finishing my very angry writing, Spectre had already managed to release the promised models and mentioned fixes to some of my previous issues. So that was 2000 words in the bin.

But on the plus side, the models actually released by Spectre this month are pretty good! After going back to the drawing board due to the rather annoyed response to the released model, we got a new, slightly more plausible setup (although I have some opinions on the use of the Origin 12, and in fact combat shotguns full stop, by Delta Force but we haven’t got time for that particular rant and I’m not LazerPig) complete with mags in the plate carrier and a new pose. We also got a Criminal Heavy/Aftermath figure with a flamethrower but more importantly we got a full set of uniquely posed figures for IDF Special Forces. These are some really nicely done figures, with the X95 and Uzi pro giving some unique weapons despite the look being “Western SF” as anything else. That said, they should still be pretty fun to paint up.

Counter-Intelligence Agents

Combat Octopus has been churning out some fantastic sets and I’ve really fallen in love with the modular ability of his releases to make interesting things. I’ve already assembled a group of guys in leather jackets with pistols and AKs back in May by combining the Eastern European guys with some MENA heads.

Well as what often happens, another set comes out (the Covert/Overt pack from last month) and suddenly I got inspired to mix and match up some more pieces. After all, I’d used the Overt figures to make some masked gunmen, ideal for either some counter-terrorism operations or for ambushing some special forces folks trying to do bad things in the Kingdom. Once I’d done them though, I immediately came up with some more conversions. So then I did some more… and got even more ideas.

I’ve got a whole post on these guys coming soon, so hopefully I can show off just what you can do with a modular set. It’s definitely made me think about how, if I made some models, I’d probably try and make them in a modular fashion.

Remote Gaming

And now for the surprise! I managed to get a game in with my friend over in York, but I also stumbled into playing a game of Skirmish Sangin V2 after a friend was asking about it. Currently in the process of writing a full battle report for it but it was overall a great experience. It was also interesting to see just how well the remote play setup worked, and can see myself doing more when I get time.

Dark Elves and Elf Related Things

I’ve actually been pretty good about saving money buying new models/starting projects (getting a house will do that) but I did spot a few Dark Elf related things on offer that I had to pick up in preparation for some ongoing projects. Well, when I say ongoing projects, I mean the fact I want to get the Dark Elves in my collection painted up before the end of the year (or as soon as Last Sword releases their Dark Elf Kickstarter).

As I’ve said in the past, I really like Dark Elves in fantasy, especially the whole look and feel of the race from Warhammer. For the models, the Khanite Shadowstalkers from Warcry are among my favourite figures released by Games Workshop – I’m eternally weak for sneaky elves and the posing and weapons for them are great. So when I saw that someone was selling the Dark Elf half of the the new Nethermaze box for much MUCH lower than market price, I had to jump in and pick the models up. As you can see above, they have done a really good job of unique poses that fit with the original models – the two Shroudqueens each have their own quirks and will look great alongside each other.

The other half was spotting TTCombat now selling some of their RUMBLESLAM figures separately rather than only available via the teams. For a long time, I’ve kept my eye on the Throwing Shade, a shadowy creature that would be perfect for representing some of the naughty stuff that Dark Elves in my fantasy setting get up (if you consider “summoning shadow beasts from between the realms to murder your enemies” naughty). Having it arrive, I am both REALLY happy with it but also remembering how much I dislike messing around with cast resin figures – 3D printing has spoiled me. But that said, it is suitably shadowy, so now I just need to paint it up in suitable colours.

Other Things

  • My YouTubing stuff continues to be asleep. However, I’m going to start writing the next video alongside the stuff on the Counter-Intel guys, as well as thinking a little bit more about what I want to make.
  • I’ve managed to update my database to use procedures for all the regular queries I have to run, saving me a chunk of time. The next step I want to do is to get someone on the blog you can run to keep an eye on how things are going
  • Speaking of, this month I managed to actually paint 20 models this month, which is the most I’ve done so far this year. Also more importantly, it significantly beat how many models I added to the collection, bringing my painted percentage up to… 47.28%

That’s all for this month – I’ll be posting my plans for the month over on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/ChargeBlog. As I’ve always said, the Patreon is a tip jar, letting me help to cover some of the costs associated with the blog and help me get my hands on the 3d printing STLs I use. I want to start providing more stuff for the Patrons (more than just a name at the end of a YouTube video) and the campaign above will end up being something that the patrons see first.

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